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  1. Wekopa Saguaro is one of my all time favorites. If you want a battle play Cholla. The views are incredible though. I also played both courses at Talking Stick. Cheaper than Wekopa and both courses were in great shape. They just didnt have the dramatic holes like Wekopa does. Cant go wrong out there.
  2. TWS 1098 - The left arm staying straight is good advice...also watch a professional golfers left leg and your left leg. Their left foot stays for the most part on the ground. Also you can shorten you swing a little and you will have more consistency. Good luck!
  3. Im with Jamo and DaSportsGuy. I used to carry 48 56 60 but I got rid of the 56 and went to the 54 and 60. 60 is my favorite club...if you practice with it its gives you so much versatility. 48 52 56 doesnt give you the range that 48 54 60. Best of luck to you and your short game.
  4. I have heard about guys going for an entire summer and going to all the different baseball stadiums to see a game. How insane would that be if you went to all the great courses around the country and did that. Heres a question...would you go up and down the east coast or west coast if you had to pick one?
  5. Everyone will still watch Tiger because hes Tiger. The greatest golfer to ever live. I do however feel people will pull possibly in the other direction now. I have always loved watching Tiger and rooting for him...I will still love to watch him but it might be just as fun to root against him. Not sure though, he may get back on the course and I may be pulling for him just the same. I agree with you, we all just love watching him as a golfer.