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  1. Hello. Looking to buy a set of old Macgregor irons for playing with ? When were they at their best and is there a set that stands out as their finest quality ? My initial reading seems to suggest that 1978 - 1982 was a great period, linked to David Graham and Jack Nicklaus ? I would be prepared to even buy a tatty rusty set and have them refurbished with 2020 shafts etc etc..... Lastly, is there a certain BOOK on the market that will identify clubs and aged them accurately ? Regards, Mark.
  2. Love this post as its so similar to how I collect things, be it tractors, hifi, watches or beautiful golfing irons.... Right now, I am tryong to decide which Macgregor, forged irons are the best ? Would love some heads to reshaft to 2020 spec and try on the course.....
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