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  1. Gamesmanship with buddies

    After knocking a drive well past one of my playing partners, I will often look at him seriously and say: "Did you hit 3-iron off this tee?"
  2. All: I have been playing a set of Ping G10s with stiff AWT shafts. I have worked my handicap down to 9.5. I am looking to switch to a more workable iron, to provide me with the ability to continue to develop and play more shots. I am primarily interested in varying my trajectory more than working a draw/fade, and my G10s are really tough to keep down. Addiionally, I am just getting tired of the sole width for short shots and tight lies. Anyways, I have swallowed my pride and decided to get the MX 300s rather than try to leap into the MP series. I did the Mizuno fitting and was recommended either KBS Tour X Flex (soft stepped), Project X 6.0, or DG X-100 (soft stepped). I am a tall player and will need the clubs to be extended by 1.25". My question is, will this extension modify the Mizuno fitting anyway? Also, should I consider getting the KBS Tour in a Stiff flex and hard stepping it? I just want to be sure not to get too stiff of a shaft for the future as I am 30 now, and am afraid I might not have the clubhead speed I do not forever. Thanks for any insights. I am excited about getting the new sticks, and right now I am leaning toward the KBS over the Project X, but would welcome any feedback. Thanks, - Bill -
  3. best golf courses played

    1.) Princeville Prince (Kauai) 2.) Victoria National (Evansville) 3.) Kauai Lagoons (Kauai) 4.) Crooked Stick (Indianapolis) 5.) Congressional (DC Area)
  4. Indiana Golf

    For the money, I think that Fox Prairie in Noblesville is a good course. I go there with friends a decent amount. It's $27 to walk on weekend and in good shape. Also, Hickory Stick on the south side is in good shape and not too difficult. You might also try River Glen or Gray Eagle on the north east side. Wood Wind in Carmel is maintained fairly well and is pretty easy to find balls on, but it can get awfully crowded. For the money, I think the best course for a mid to high handicapper (especially one who isn't too long of a hitter) is South Grove downtown. It's in the best shape of all the munis, though not too interesting for better players. Good luck.
  5. Indiana Golf

    Perhaps I can revive this thread. I have played golf all over Indiana and a lot in Indianapolis. My favorite courses would have to go in the following order, and having the following rating. Victoria National (5+) - It's not even close, this is the nicest unknown course in the area. Impeccably maintained, but very challenging. Bear Slide (5) - Great course in Cicero. Not too well known, so only good golfers here mostly. Specials can be had on golfnow.com for $37, a steal. Greens are not as fast as they used to be this year, sadly. Prairie View (4) - Great course, but pretty pricey, I only play there for the $55 twilight. Purgatory (4) - Challenging but fun course, but can also be pricey. Crooked Stick (4) - Great course, sneaky in how strategic most holes are. Only a true golfer will appreciate the subtle challenges Pete Dye put in. This course is famous more so for its members than the course though. The Fort (4) - Beautiful golf course, but attracts some hackers, so can be a slow round. Ironwood (3.5) - Great golf course for a good rate. Never terribly crowded. The 6th and 7th on the lakes nine are two of the prettiest holes in Indianapolis. I have played just about every course around Indy, so if someone has a question, I'd be happy to answer them.
  6. Yeah, that's the MX-300. It's more of a player's cavity back.
  7. Hi all, I have been lurking this forum for about a year. I am currently thinking of making a switch from my Ping G10 irons to Mizuno MX-300s and would like some feedback. I am a former high school and Div. III college golfer whose game has deteriorated due to not playing much during law school and getting started with my job. Two years ago I ditched my old Titleist 962s and opted for some Ping G10s when I started getting back into the game more. I am currently about a 9-10 handicap, but I would say that my mid-long iron ball striking is my biggest weakness right now. I am a tall player and use +1.25" irons. I have the AWT shafts in the G10s in stiff and would like to move to the KBS tour. I hit the ball solidly with the G10s, but don't like them on anything other than a full shot. I don't even feel like I can hit a 3/4 or low trajectory shot with them. Not to mention how much that large sole bothers me on shots around the greens. I find myself hitting my Vokey sand or lob wedge more often to avoid this. Has anyone made a switch similar to this, or I am potentially biting off more than I can chew with the 300s? Should I consider 200s, or buy the 300s and grow into them? I play about 36-54 holes a week with one or two range sessions mixed in. Thanks for any thoughts.
  8. Picked up a new putter headcover. My Ping Redwood cover looks like crap after a year.
  9. Best Shot of the Week

    Forgot to add, with respect to the post above, the bar tab after ran me about $80.
  10. Best Shot of the Week

    I had an ace two weeks ago. Second of my life. Spun a gap wedge into the back of the hole from 138. Was downwind so the ball was trapped between the flag and the lip. When the wind died just a hair the ball fell in completely. Had three good friends with me, so it was a great experience.
  11. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    I wish I had been able to see Jack in his prime, but since I didn't, I have to vote Tiger. His precision and imagination are amazing.
  12. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I am a patent attorney. View from home at night.