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  1. I just wear regular pants. Pleated or flat front, and most any color works as long as it is coordinated with your shirt and accesories. Most of the time the only difference I have seen in "golf pants" is some of them have an extra little pocket on them or some material may be breathable, but not much else.
  2. better than an infomercial for "the HAMMER" POWWWW!
  3. Quote:wrx_junki Doesn't seem like the courses over here have any cart covers. Do your courses provide them along with the heater? Na, I purchased my own cover and picked the heater up second hand at a yard sale for like $25 or $30 (like new) they all seem to retail for $80 and up, so I thought it was a good deal. If your winter lasts mor than 3 months, then it's not a bad investment. Covers cost about $100.
  4. how can you page the posts like on the other site. I used to use J and K to page up and down. It made scrolling through posts easier for me. Thanks.
  5. The wind would be my only restricting factor. Otherwise I toss the cart cover on, fire up the heater, and play golf. I stay completely warm and toasty for the entire round except for the minute or two I get out to hit the ball. 20's are no problem with a little heat.
  6. Don't trust anybody (especially SO CALLED friends) I use trees, carts, and such to hide behind if I am down range of any shots. H*ll I have seen them go backwards, so 180 degrees is not safe.
  7. If you are spending $500 the get fit for the clubs and hit some demos. I'm sure you would be better suited for a GI or SGI type club. As for the lie angle, that refers to the angle of your swingplane (the sole of the club) relative to ground. The taller you are the more upright clubs tend to be and the shorter the golfer the flatter the tendency in the lie. You seem to have lie and loft confused. The more you increase the loft of a club then the higher the balls trajectory will be.
  8. I have two GPSs collecting dust in my cabinet now, since I purchased my laser. I wish I had purchased it first, I would have saved the money from the two GPS units for other gear. No the laser unit does not keep score but it is so much easier to use, numbers are more accurate, and I can measure distances of things a GPS can't. The only drawback on the laser is it is line of sight. If you must get a GPS the SG5 and SGX are good choices, though the subscriptions are annoying.
  9. Welcome, there's a lot of nice folks here and good information too. Hope you stay a while.
  10. I play a really ugly set (Ping G10s) and occasionally sport a really sexy set (Mizuno MP32s) so I get to enjoy both ends of the spectrum.
  11. Yes I do! We have a nice long hunting season here in SC for deer Aug 15 - Jan 1. We hunt hogs, rabbit and turkey as well.
  12. I'm back playing some, but am having a small issue. I seem to hit all of my shorter clubs well, but can seem to get any distance from my longer clubs. I play an 8I on a 160y par 3, but have been only hitting my driver 230y. range. It really sucks. I'm about 40 yards short of where I was normally. I would be happy to get back to the 250 range. Any suggestions on where to start. Sorry no video available. I know the longer clubs swing on a flatter plane, but the longer clubs just don't feel quite right.
  13. For anyone who plays the Wilson Staff c-25 ball. Academy Sports has them on sale for $14.89 a doz. Not a bad price for a 3 piece ball. They play pretty well for me, they seem to have good spin and control. I picked up a few dozen for my stash.
  14. I play a lot of night time par3 tournaments, and it is quite suprising how often clubs throw sparks, even from what we think of as a clean lie. Interesting light show at night. The sparks are even more obvious when the humidity is low. A fire from this, possible; but the circumstances and conditions would have to be entirely condusive to promote ignition. The heat energy carried by the tiny sparks is so minute, it would take like I said a perfect senario. Though nothing is out of the question.
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