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  1. Supposed to hit the low 50's Monday. I have a covid shot at 1500. I'll sneak in 18 beforehand.
  2. No courses open, but the range was. I pulled out some 2009 Cleveland fairway woods. I was hitting the snot out of them. 2009 Cleveland hybrids, ditto. I was able to work the ball gently both ways with a minimum of effort. TM's and Pings might have to sit on the shelf for a while.............
  3. I do tend to believe tee shirts don't belong on the golf course, but I have no logical explanation to with which to argue the point. What I will never go back to is cotton. New wicking fabrics are so much more comfortable than the soaked with sweat all day long cottons of days gone by.
  4. I always loved playing in the very strong winds coming off the Great Lakes in spring and Fall. Easy money too if you are playing someone who can't hit a knockdown or get the concept of hitting irons with as little spin as possible. I have seen balls move on the green from wind, but what I saw on TV at Riviera was crazy, Guys ball ended up 10 yards off the green.........
  5. Over the years I have chipped in with an 8 iron far more than any other club in the bag. It just fits for me (Using old school club lofts) for most bump and run shots. And for some reason I will eschew the 9 iron and go straight to the PW if I need a bit more carry. But pitching in is a different game, and my club mix in the bag is considerably different than it was 20-40 years ago when I ( and most golfers)had a pitching wedge and a sand wedge, Period. usually like a 48 degree pitch and 54 degree sand iron. Now I usually carry 46, 50, 54 & 58 degree wedges, with the bounce varying from
  6. Missing Oakland Hills, (either course) CC of Detroit, Detroit Golf Club, Rattle Run..
  7. Back in the early 80's- Par 5 protected by a 30' wide river in front of the green. I hit a decent drive, went for the green with a cut 4 wood rather than lean on a turned over 3 iron that wouldn't stop. Overcooked the fade. It came down on the bridge over the river, bounced up and hit the railing on the bridge, bounced high and hard left and came to rest six or seven inches from the pin.
  8. At 61, I can hold my own from the "regular" white mens tees. But when I am playing with young bombers for wagers I will move up so I can at least be somewhere near their drives. They still have a big advantage because even if we are in the same spot, they are hitting a club or two less on their approach.
  9. Interesting breakdown. Until I have one of those days where if I happen to find a fairway it's the wrong one, and my approach shot is not going to hit the green in regulation.........
  10. I much prefer walking on the flatlands of SE Michigan. Up at the cottage we play the courses at Shanty Creek and Boyne., You would need to be a mountain goat to walk some of those tracks, but riding is pretty much mandatory anyhow.
  11. If you can find it on demand, don't miss the episode with Tom Watson.
  12. I found that for me the quickest surefire way to cut down on my number of putts was working like crazy on my short irons and wedges. It had the added benefit of cutting penalty strokes too. Lots of water protecting the greens on the courses I play.
  13. I think many here would have an apoplectic seizure if they were at my work any time all the people were collected in the barn. Red, Black, white, brown, yellow, straight or not. Everything is fair game from ethnicity to sexual orientation. And we all love each other like family, as is pretty much the norm in difficult, hazardous occupations. This bleeding heart taking offense at every perceived slight is nonsense. People need to quit looking for reasons to whine they are offended.
  14. Perhaps it would work for some people. I was toying with it for a while. I was hitting the ball quite solidly, but at the cost of much lower clubhead speed. I did end up with my hands slightly higher at address, but not the extreme of Moes single plane swing.
  15. I usually don't mind, but every once in a while....... My son, his buddy and I frequently play on weekdays. We play "ready golf". If you are ready, hit it. We can easily do 18 holes in under 3 hours with no obstructing traffic. Last time my son and I got paired up it was at the turn, with a couple guys who wanted to make sure the guy who hit was away, double check honors on the tee, etc etc. And, quite frankly, these guys were just not very good. We had done the front in 1:15. Back side took 2:30. With no one ahead of us. I was so ticked off after the 11th hole my game went to Hades, but I
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