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  1. Saturday. 1506 tee time. Front 9 shot a 42 that was marked by crappy tee shots and good to great wedge play. 3 some Played the front in 1:42. Back side, got behind a backup. A bad backup. By the time we got to the tee on 14 we were almost 2 hours into the side, and the ranger was tired of being called a racist by the 3 groups holding everything up and kept trying to play as two sixsomes.... We jumped around all this nonsense and played 18. I was so pissed I probably shot another 42, in 5 holes. LOL
  2. My short game is the only thing that keeps me in the hunt any more, it sure isn't my long game. I carry a 46-50-54 & 58. 85% of the time I use either the 50 or 58, both of which are moderate bounce. The 54-14 gets used only from fluffy lies and soft sand. The 46 is generally used for full shots only. I could get rid of the 46 and 54, but really have no other gaps I want to fill those spots with.
  3. Anything over 3:30 is slow. Anything over 4 hours is BS,
  4. Yesterday, 545 yd par 5 dead into an 15mph gusting to mid 20's wind. A whole 46 degrees out. I took out the driver and hit a low draw that just never came out the air, just kept boring into it for what seemed to be quite some time and finally settled into the center of the fairway.. It measured 276 yards on Google earth. I know you young bucks are scoffing at that, but I'm 61.........my felow golfers were impressed.
  5. Around here I see more women fishing alone than golfing alone, but not a whole lot of either.
  6. Look as if my driving improvement is on track. I hit 6/7 fairways this morning, the other I was barely in the second cut. Not going to complain about distance, even if the driver I am finding the short stuff with is 20 yards shorter than the driver I was gaming last season. KId pulled an old Ping G400 off the shelf and told me to try it, It works! Very forgiving, and long enough for me.....
  7. Saw a beer cart at the course Wednesday! Life is good.
  8. Wednesday I had a hot run after a poor start. Took and 8 on the first hole, followed by two 6's. Then I decided if I'm going to keep missing the fairway with my 3 wood, I may as well miss it with my driver and be closer to the hole. (Ping G400 was in the bag). Then went 3-4-4-4-3-3. Best 5 over 41 I ever shot. After the first two drives were in the short grass, I started going after it a bit, and my 61 yr old self was hitting it 245- 265 on the short grass depending on the wind, with very little roll out on the wet course., My old trusty 10 yard fade that was my bread and
  9. Nice freshly aerated greens as well. You have to hit it close! LOL
  10. I am sure the greens they are hitting to are much faster and firmer and more undulating, and their idea of which pins are "OK" to attack is a lot different than mine!
  11. I currently play some old Mizuno MX20's W/ DG R300 that I love. At least from the 7 iron down. With the 8 iron in my hand (155 yards) down through my 58 degree lob wedge, I seldom miss a green., and 120 in I can usually stick it inside 10' if it is a green light pin. The issue arises with the mid and long irons. I am struggling with the 3-6 irons, not so much off the tee as off the turf. Picked up a a 3 and 4 hybrid and despite them offending my eye and bruising my ego, we are getting along on occasion.. I recently played with a buddy who has the JPX 921 HM's, and we hit a lot of balls on a p
  12. A couple days ago, Into a 12 mph headwind. Pretty much straight away 528 yd Par 5 with some trees intruding on fairway. 1) Driver, up the right side, Never turns over, hits a tree and drops. Went 235 yds, I'm left with overhanging tree in front of me on a slightly downhill lie. 2) Try to cut 5 wood around tree off of downhill lie. It goes dead straight, hits high tension power line tower off left side of fairway, kicks bacwards 30 yards. I'm in "rough" on a pretty sparse lie, 96 yards to pin. 3) Hit flighted 50 degree wedge to 6'. 4) Make the putt. 5) Kid (20) was nex
  13. Still have the shallow "covid cups". No ball washers. Some courses have rakes out, others not. No water jugs. And, alas, no beverage cart girls. My son had two balls pop in and out of the cup the other day. I gave them to him.
  14. Which border, the real one or the revised border after you stole the Toledo Strip from us? Maybe if you just give us our land back the infected border area will be in MI again. Just sayin' 😉
  15. I has one dose of Pfizer 20 days before my wife came down with covid. I tested negative, and have since then received my second dose. One son had both doses when vaccine became available. He is fine. Other son is is positive. He seems to be on the road to recovery. Wife's fever may have broken overnight. At least for me, one dose saved me. Maybe they should give everyone their first dose (deemed 75-80% effective) before giving out second doses for a 10-20% gain.
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