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  1. So many variables. 90%? No. I carry 4 wedges for a reason.. Different lofts, different bounces. All capable of being hit full bore ( Which I seldom do with the 60) every other one better at thick or thin lies. All working best for me being laid somewhat open, using the bounce + and being a bit aggressive. Yet today I went to an 8 iron off my back toe to run a ball 25 yards up to a small shelf the pin was on, perched between the hill and a sharp drop off to a bunker. It wasn't even a fair pin placement, much less design. The designer should be doing courses where the clowns nose lights up when you get close. The jackknob who put the pin on that sliver of ground should be tarred and feathered,
  2. Today, killed a 3 wood on a down wind dog leg 395 yard par 4. Has a bit less in than I was looking for, 110 yds quartering wind. My kid, who is in his first year of golfing so I always talk my strategy to him, said I told him " I don't want to try to ease anything here, I'm gonna slide ride ride a gapper". ( My gapper is a 50 degree F grind) Hung the face open just enough, it hit 3' behind the hole, jumped right, backed up, lipped out, and ended up 4' below the hole. First bird of the day. It only took 11 holes.
  3. Since I recently reentered the game after 20 yrs off and no longer belong to a club with great conditions at home and when visiting, I am playing 4 wedges, 46, 50, 54, and 60, with the 50 and 60 being less bouncy than the 46 & 54, and the 46 has slightly less bounce than the 54.. My bag has been a bit of a conundrum for me, trying to figure out what fits me now, I don't even know my swing with the "New" balls. Tried a lot of things. Right now I am loving a SLDR 12 and 17 degree along with a SLDR S 21 degree wood. They are rockets, and the SLDR's are easier to work than any other wood I have tried all year. Old Mizuno MX-20 irons in 4-9. I really don't see any advantage in carrying another wedge unless you are playing a course with some really weird variables where you can't manufacture shots with fewer wedges, properly gapped with well considered bounces and grinds..
  4. I always did pretty darn well putting until I got into a best ball or scramble, when I felt pressured to perform for others. Odd it never affected the other parts of my game. My one buddy told me at a the fourth hole during a big time scramble by an auto manufacturers engineering corps: "I asked you here for your driver and irons, just putt first and give us a read". They didn't need to putt 6 of the holes coming in. He was also a great personnel manager.
  5. Barely above freezing, sleet and drizzle, gusty wind off of L Huron. 143 yds to the pin. Drop 1 1/2 clubs and smooth a knock down 7 iron under the wind. It flies dead straight, no more than 50' off the ground and ends up overhanging the cup. It looked physically impossible it wouldn't drop when I got there. At least I made the birdie putt. lol.
  6. A couple that have really worked well for me over the years, weather working on my game or helping others 1) When dropping a club or alignment stick, do not line it up to the toes, align it to the heels. Most people flare one or both feet a bit at address, using the toes can give a false reading. 2) Don't visualize the ball landing, visualize it at the apex of it's flight, or as far left or right as you intend to hit it.
  7. I will often listen to music on the course. Usually at a pretty high volume level. But it's being streamed to my hearing aids. No one else can hear it.......
  8. I have always carried my bag. Tradition. Convenience. Even at 61 and just back into it after 20 yrs off, I hate it when we go to carts only courses. But I'm probably in better shape than most 40 yr old desk jockeys.
  9. Yesterday, 346 yd par 4. Hooked my drive into the trees in a subconscious "make sure you don't hit the water on the right". Couldn't advance the ball much, punched out to 50 yards. Knocked down a little 50 degree wedge into the wind. Hop, hop, rolled another 2' right into the hole. My best birdie since I started playing again in mid summer.
  10. Shot an 84 on a 6570 yd track. I already threw away the card, don't know the slope. Driver wasn't working (spinal arthritis was working OT), but I holed out 5 times from just off the green out to 50 yards. If it wasn't for the wedges being on fire it could have been brutal.
  11. I wear progressives for desk work and reading. Old school huge lenses with a longer focal length bifocal for operating equipment, the 46 switch labels are always further away than the standard focal length. And I use single vision lenses for golf, fishing and shooting. As I get older I can see up close pretty well with no magnification, so I just take off the glasses to tie a knot or read the fish finder or GPS.
  12. White belts should have died with apple hats, plaid pants and the rest of those hideous 70's fashions. (But keep the ladies hip huggers and halter tops)
  13. On the courses I play most moving up a tee or two moves you to a whole new tee box which takes the bend out of the doglegs. I expect I would score better but I like the challenge of being forced to bend a shot if one is inclined to hit a driver around the bend as opposed to laying up at the bend.
  14. Masks just don't work for me worn in the standard behind the ear fashion. I already have hearing aids and glasses behind my ears, There isn't room for anything else. I will put a mask over my nose and mouth, then hold it in place with a thin, stretchy snood.
  15. Yardage. at 61 I don't hit them like I used to. 6300-6600 is just right.
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