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  1. Can I cut my irons shorter ?

    Agree with the others, cutting them down will cause gapping and swing weight issues. Much better off trying out single length irons. Cobra F7 single length iron sets are going on ebay for around $300.
  2. Ashworth's Winter Sale - BIG Savings

    Thanks for posting. Picked up a Rain jacket and a couple of pullovers for $90!
  3. What's your best lost and found story?

    Played golf with my brother one weekday, I had the day off and he sneaked out of work early. Now this is not all that unusual other than the fact that my brother's wife is one of those miserable people who has to track her husband's every movement, money spent, etc.. My brother has resigned himself to the fact that it's easier to sneak around and avoid conflict than to tell his wife he's taking half a day off to play some golf. This is important because if she found out that he had the audacity to take some time off and have fun without her there would be hell to pay. We play our round and I drop my brother and his stuff at his car, put my clubs away, and return the cart. As I'm walking back to the parking lot I see my brother start taking everything out of his golf bag. Turns out he's lost his wallet. After a few minutes of casual searching, he starts to freak out. Literally rips everything out of the bag and empties every pocket onto the ground. Hmm.. maybe it fell out of bag when putting the clubs into the trunk? Everything comes out of the trunk. Go back, check in the cart we returned. Check in clubhouse. Check everywhere inside the car. My bro is sweating bullets and is really starting to freak out as it dawns on him that the wallet is gone and he's going to have to explain to his wife how he lost his wallet at a golf course when he's supposed to be working! The search continues for another 20 minutes but still no wallet. It's weird because "I just had it here a minute ago". I get him calmed down and help him pack up his stuff. He's resigned to his fate and the wrath he will face. He's getting ready to leave, I glance over, and there, sitting on the dashboard of his car, is the wallet! The idiot started his car to run the AC, took his wallet out of his pocket and put it on the dash!
  4. Least Favorite Player

    Pat Perez: Total hot head throwing temper tantrums when things don't go his way. Nothing like a pro breaking clubs and screaming profanities. Charlie Beljan: The guy who had the panic attack on the way to winning Children's Miracle Network tournament. Everyone's entitled to their opinion but at least have the conviction to back it up. Goes on twitter and calls Obama a D-bag. Gets called on it and deletes account. Goes back to twitter a year later, bitches about not getting into Master's and ends up deleting his account again. Time to act like an adult and take responsibility for what you say/post.
  5. What "grinds your gears" on the golf course?

    Grounds crew not getting out of the way and letting you play through. I understand they've got work to do but some of these guys are clueless and I'd like to play through without killing anyone. We had a guy yesterday camped out in the center of the fairway putting sand in divots. Didn't seem to bother him that he was right in the middle of the landing zone (which is why there were so many divots to be filled). Tried to wave him off but he insisted on staying in the middle of the fairway. Hard for me to hit a good tee shot when I have to aim right at him.
  6. Try the "flying wedge" drill. The flying wedge if a golfing machine term used to describe the angle of the right wrist at impact. Basically it should be bent backwards which also keeps the left wrist flat. Flat left wrist + weight forward = good impact position. Setup with your weight about 70% on front foot and do this drill:
  7. Different chipping styles

    I've gone back and forth on chipping styles recently. The "hinge & hold" method ala Phil Mickelson works well but takes some practice. Using this method you still have the opportunity to vary your club selection to control roll-out. I use this method when I'm 5+ yards off the green but then it's more of a pitch rather than a green-side bump & run type shot. The downside, for me at least, of using this method for green-side chips is that it really requires a lot of maintenance to have good results. If I practice a bit every week I generally have good results, If I don't practice it for a few weeks it's not unusual for me to "blade" a few easy chips. The method I use for green-side chips is a "putting" style as taught by Paul Runyan (nicknamed "Little Poison" for his deadly shortgame). Basically a dead hands/ dead wrists stroke to get the ball about 3-4 feet on the green and letting it roll to the hole. You vary the roll out by varying the clubs. Works great for me and is a very forgiving method. One unique aspect is Runyan advocates getting the shaft almost vertical and getting the club on it's toe. Seems strange but helps the ball come out without much spin. Here's a good video showing the setup. And another showing how to vary clubs to control roll-out
  8. New Beginner "complete" set

    I second the recommendation of visiting your local golf shop and testing out some used equipment. Personally I would try to stay away from the big box stores and find a local guy where you can actually hit the clubs and see what works for you.
  9. Hero to Zero (Please don't flame)

    If you played to a 4 as a kid then I think you have a very good shot at getting to scratch, maybe a bit better. Getting below 5 takes a lot of work and the progress is a lot slower.
  10. Whats your best score this season?

    Shot an even par 32 on an executive 9 hole layout. First time I ever shot even par anywhere. Usually shoot low 80's. My 12 year old son, Andrew, played in a junior golf league this summer where they give the kids a 30 minute lesson and then send them out to play 6 holes with other kids. He really wanted to have me come and play "his" course with him. Was very cool to have "the old man" show him how it's done and shoot even par. I have the scorecard on the mantle next to my hole-in-one ball.
  11. Welcome to the great game of golf, Jeff! And welcome to thesandtrap too. I'd look at buying a good used set of irons and building from there. Lots of great deals on ebay, etc.. but there is no substitute for actually hitting the clubs. The best advice I can give you is to look for a small golf shop in your area and see what they have for you. Most shops will have a wide selection of used clubs that they've taken in on trade for you to hit. By dealing with a local shop you'll get better service and advice than the big box stores. You should be able to find some good irons for $100-150. You can pickup a good used driver for $100 or less - again, you've got to hit some to find what's going to work for you.
  12. Great thread guys... Let's keep up the civil discussion My 2 cents Started playing golf in my early 30's. Played for 13 years and the best I ever did was usually mid 90's. My career best was an 89. Took up SnT in July 2009 after spending an entire winter working religiously in a dome, taking weekly lessons, etc.. and still playing like crap with zero power. Fast forward 3 years, I'm an 8 handicap, regularly shoot low 80's with a career best 76. As for the back issues... My son is 16 and has had some back problems (just the occasional sore back) off and on for about 6 years. He had a bad episode playing golf this summer (swings out of his shoes at 120% trying to kill it) and I took him to the doctor to check it out. Referred to a sports medicine physiologist who eventually diagnosed him with a fractured disc in his spine (L5 I believe) which is causing the disc to slide forward. Apparently this is an old injury probably as a result of gymnastics. Anyway, he has been an avid golfer since age 9, taken tons of lessons and is a pretty good player. Since the diagnosis he is forbidden from doing anything with a twisting motion - no golf. He recently completed 6 weeks of physical therapy - about 1.5 hours of core muscle exercises daily. Doctor said he could try golf again if he modified his swing to take stress off his back. We showed the Dr. the SnT swing with the rounded shoulders at address (takes stress off lower back) and the straight finish position with hips pushed forward. Doctor said that was the best swing she'd seen for golf as it related to taking stress off lower back and gave him the green light to start slowly working his way back in the game. Had a practice session last week with no back issues.