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  1. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and advice. I played 18 the other day from the senior tees and did well. I made 4 pars and 3 birdies! I hit boogies on most of the other holes with 1 double boogey and a triple. I tried not to swing hard and used a shorter backswing.
  2. Thanks everyone. I will be browsing and chatting on this forum, it looks like a great place to be. I had planned to take lessons this year but was unable because of restrictions. Hopefully next year. I still enjoy playing and need to stop comparing my present game to the good old days. I'm able to make some good shots every once in a while. One thing that I think I might be doing is swinging too hard to make up for the age thing. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks @dennyjones, I am happy to be here. Hopefully I can improve my game. It looks like there is a lot of helpful info here.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Bear with me, how do I record my swing? Please forgive my complete ignorance. I'm new here. On turning, I think you are correct. I'm able to turn somewhat off of the tee. It still hurts though. I'm probably less worried about a miss since the ball is higher.
  5. I need tips on how to adjust. As a golfer over 60, I envy the game that I used to have. I was a player who would easily make par when I was in my twenties. I recently picked up the game again after very many years and have become quite frustrated. The pain in my back does not allow me to turn properly. I never know how I'm going to hit the ball if I'm lucky enough to even hit it. (I often just whiff these days) When I do hit the ball, t's either a hook, fat, top, shank or a slice. There's zero consistency whatsoever. The problem is mostly with irons. I can still hit fairly well off the tee with a driver. What do I need to change?
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