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  1. "Make it a bit fairer" LOL LOL LOL I can't run a six minute mile cause I'm old, fat and have bad knees, is that fair to me? The world is not fair Ian. What is fair is, everyone has access to the same equipment. Everyone has access to the same knowledge on training and if you dedicate yourself and have the drive(no pun intended) everyone can improve their distance. Will everyone be able to drive a golf ball 375-400 yards? No. But the world isn't fair and the PGA isn't the second grade where everyone is a winner.
  2. Just joined The Sand Trap, I am in Garland.
  3. Very very cool. I love doing this kinda stuff. I will be graduating to a "real" course soon, I've been playing an executive 9 hole since I got back into golf. I think I'm gonna try this.
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