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  1. Gracias, Dunit. Perhaps your Spanish is better than my English. I see you are from Pittsburg. I have been there several times. The first one in 1964. Had you been born?
  2. thanks to all of you. If you go to Valenlcia, have you played the Saler ? It is reputed to be one of the best courses in Europe.
  3. Hi, Vinsk. If you come back in Spain, and you are looking for culture, you must visit Salamanca and Toledo. If you are looking for golf Cadiz and Malaga. I live in Gijón, in the north. In less than 11 minutes there are 3 golf courses, I am sure nothing compare with Orlando. I am 83, but I used to play everdyday, but weekend. The weenend is for family. I say "used to play" because now, with the Corona, the courses are closed.
  4. thanks a lot. I hope you'll forgive my English.
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  6. Did anyone try Swing Caddy, Winnerspirit Miracle 201 or any similar gaget ? If YES, what is your opinion?
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