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  1. So for those people who think it’s fair, if people were going on and registering all their friends, that’s good practice then. A lot of the people in the comp haven’t been up and registered at all because since this year you can put as many of your friends down with one entry as you like. Surely it should only be up to individuals to enter a singles comp.
  2. Thanks. Yep I will bring it up about the multiple entries. Got a reasonable understanding from all comments that this isn’t unique and we are living in strange times of course. Will set alarm for next few! Was only really interested if there were any rules governing it, but they seem to have been answered. 👍
  3. Still unfair though. Although you can’t judge an amateur comp against pga, the huge set of rigid rules we have to adhere to seem very one way to me. I say again how can you have a seasonal order of merit if a section of the club are unable to play? A sensible answer would maybe be to have people who couldn’t get on play the next day to get a full field. This could be considered unfair if weather conditions are different but they do change through each day anyway.
  4. I don’t think pga players would have the same disadvantage though. Imagine Bryson not being in a tournament because it’s first come first served rather than being based on everyone’s scores. I know we are only amateurs, but having results based on getting in first on entry nullifies any order of merit results from being based on scores to being based on whether you were able to register quickly enough. It takes it away from sport to who is registering first. Also I know a lot of people at the club register all their friends to, rather than each player booking as an individual.
  5. Rules on club competition entry. I have played in around 100 competitions in my club, but recently I have struggled to book in. Example: if the date and time of entry was November 4th @ 9.00a.m. you have to book within 20 mins of this being open or you don’t get a slot as there are too many members. How can the order of merit and eclectics be valid when all the members are unable to play. I am 4th I order of merit currently, but as I can’t get a place in the next comp I will drop down through no fault of my own. Does anyone know the rules on this subject and if so which suffixes cover them?
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