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  1. "What Do You Do for a Living?" I'm old enough to know not to disclose information like that in a public forum like this...😎
  2. I can hit a 5 iron 220 yards. 110 yards at a time.
  3. A chipper would seem to be like any somewhat specialized club. Like a lob wedge, a driving iron, or a putter. If it works for you (and I'm thinking of trying one) why not use it?
  4. I have always bought a high quality new car, not "luxury" but nicely equipped (Honda Civic EX with extras like GPS for example) and run them for 7-8 years. My current, and probably last, car I bought two months ago. It's a Seat Ibiza (like a slightly smaller VW Golf, same platform, engines, etc.) with luxe features and options. €20,000 = $22,000. I figure to run it around Europe for the next ten years and then sell it for about 1/3rd of what I paid for it.
  5. Shouldn't you be speaking to the rules committee at your club? Perhaps they could set aside a certain number of slots for people like yourself, or allow them to register early.
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