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  1. You really believe that nobody is 100% evil? There are at least 6,000,000 people that would have disagreed with you. But they're dead.
  2. There are so many other curses and obscenities he could have used to express frustration and he chose that. Really sad on many levels.
  3. One person that has publicly declined. There have been others over the years that have declined before there was any public announcement. A few from Trump, a few from previous Presidents. I will disagree on the second point. As to your first. Charles Lindbergh accepted the Congressional Medal of Honor, France's Legion of Honor, and the Order Of The German Eagle (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_German_Eagle).
  4. Donald Trump's name on the check is meaningless and is nothing more than a pretty sleezy PR ploy by the president.
  5. They got theirs before the Beer Gut Putsch, when things were just normally awful. FWIW, that could easily be because more people were willing to accept the MOF from Obama than from Trump. I doubt that Sandra Day O'Connor, Desmond Tutu, George H. W. Bush, John Glenn, Richard Lugar, Bruce Springsteen, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, or Michael Jordan would have accepted one from Trump.
  6. Yes, and yes. That's the theory, but not really the practice.
  7. That's be tough to do with my Ping Craz-E... 🙃
  8. As long as everyone involved understands that I suck as a golfer I've never had a problem with being paired. On a couple of occasions it has resulted in meeting sympatico playing partners that became regulars. One guy and I became friends, as we both sucked and found the lack of "pressure" enjoyable. Sadly he passed away a few years ago after I moved away from the area where we both lived, but we'd managed to keep in touch.
  9. Tough one. I'm on the 14th floor and at least 10km/6miles from the nearest golf course. Your call.
  10. My criteria for my choices would be influence on the game throughout its history, achievement on the course, and, in general, being a class act and a credit to golf. Tiger loses out by the last standard. (How do you explain TWO "Greatest Of All Time"s?)
  11. Much like the hybrid club, given your logic, as you don't see a lot of pros using them. Pretty much the same with any game improvement irons. And if someone insists on using a chipper for chipping them lets deride anyone using a putter for putting. Be a man! Use yer darn cleek for that putt!
  12. Who IS on golf's "Mount Rushmore"? Nobody, because there isn't one. Who SHOULD be on golf's "Mount Rushmore"? Harry Vardon, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogen and Arnold Palmer.
  13. Good luck to him. I hope he's learned to putt.
  14. "What Do You Do for a Living?" I'm old enough to know not to disclose information like that in a public forum like this...😎
  15. I can hit a 5 iron 220 yards. 110 yards at a time.
  16. A chipper would seem to be like any somewhat specialized club. Like a lob wedge, a driving iron, or a putter. If it works for you (and I'm thinking of trying one) why not use it?
  17. I have always bought a high quality new car, not "luxury" but nicely equipped (Honda Civic EX with extras like GPS for example) and run them for 7-8 years. My current, and probably last, car I bought two months ago. It's a Seat Ibiza (like a slightly smaller VW Golf, same platform, engines, etc.) with luxe features and options. €20,000 = $22,000. I figure to run it around Europe for the next ten years and then sell it for about 1/3rd of what I paid for it.
  18. Shouldn't you be speaking to the rules committee at your club? Perhaps they could set aside a certain number of slots for people like yourself, or allow them to register early.
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