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  1. Next you’ll tell me I can’t post a solo round. 😉 Is that a new rule? I always thought you couldn’t solicit advice.
  2. It’s not a penalty. If you asked him, that’s a penalty.
  3. I'm here to spice up this board a bit. We can do gifs here?
  4. The back 9 sunday might not be as good. But the 1st 3.5 rounds are so much better it might be worth it. I'm sure they have some Tiger roars keyed up.
  5. The lack of grandstands is wonderful. 15 is so much better.
  6. Yes, sorry to imply it may have been here.
  7. if you want to know whats going on, good luck, the thread was deleted due to i guess extreme shame brought on the event coordinator and cheat.
  8. aannddyy00


  9. I think you have it backwards. Bill Murray wants to look like Sandy Lyle.
  10. its more fun when no one knows whats going on. 😉
  11. Well, they all would have if the cheat had not been caught. But yes. There was a decent prize involved. More frustrating, is the alleged cheating in other non competition rounds that had been boiling under the surface, and only brought to light by a member that was later shamed by the event coordinator.
  12. Sounds good, there was very little on the line in the event i'm speaking about, which is even more frustrating when cheating occurs.
  13. So, how do the fine folks here on TheSandTrap handle cheating at your events? Lets say a guy keeps score for his group, and his team eventually wins. Another participant eventually catches wind of it, and posts a thread on the forum to not so subtly air him out. Lets say the coordinator of the event eventually becomes butthurt about all the controversy and winds up permabanning someone that participated in the cheating thread. how is that handled here @iacas? Do you guys attack the people shaming the cheater?
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