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  1. This just opened my eyes. Thank you for pointing this part out of the video. I've been looking to find a position that is comfortable and I've been messing around!! Great share
  2. I completely agree with this. Enjoying pressure is one thing, but not having confidence adds on to the pressure. No matter how much I enjoy the pressure on the tees, if I can't hit a shot it's going to suck. With practice comes confidence. With confidence, I enjoy pressure.
  3. haha thats awesome! This is exactly how my friends and I would start the round. Get to the tee box right on time or couple minutes late. No warm up. No stretching. Hit a straight hook into the woods and boom there is our first shot first mulligan of the day 😆 First time hearing group retee. I like that as well. I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunity when I'm with my friends I agree, most course I've played at are in good shape, but I'll still move it an inch or so out to give myself the best lie I can. This includes if the ball if a little stuck, a little divot, a lit
  4. Yup completely agree. No need to keep shanking into the water, just take a drop from the point of entry and let's move on. Yes these are fun rounds not real rounds 😄 A good reminder though
  5. 2021 Golf Goal - Golf With John Break 90 consistently. I should hit 89 or better 7 out of 10 rounds. I know I can hit 90's because I've tried better ball (2 balls), and I was able to only hit 4 over in 9 holes. Better course management. Thinking before my shots. Make good contact Practice range. I've gone out almost every weekday morning in Oct, putting 30 minutes and range a hour. Chipping and putting practice. Trying to get make my body to automatically do what I've learned in my lessons. New shot shapes (how t
  6. Here are couple things I do with my group of friends when we go out to play. I'd love to hear yours as well! 1 Mulligan (drive) per front and back (although as we got better, we stopped "using" mulligans unless it's completely out of play. If it's in the fairway, you can move it to give yourself a better lie (lay?). *Don't be a donkey and push it forward. If it's in the rough. No relief If there's rocks, you move it to the closest none rocky area. Whether it's bunker/rough/fairways. We're not pro's and we don't want to mess our clubs up. If it goes into some wei
  7. Nice is a great approach to thinking about my "desired" ball flight. I'm going to use this on my range practice!
  8. Seriously. Never knew there was a golf group. Should've known the internet has all. Excited to improve my hcp!
  9. Ya great point on this. My previous pre-strike routine was 1. align my club and body 2. Take couple practice swings 3. Take a step forward and place club behind the ball 4. Strike Now my pre-strike routine is 1. Look behind the ball to see where I want to hit my ball 2. Take couple practice swing behind the ball 3. Find the aim point couple feet away 4. Step in and place club behind teh ball 5. Strike This new routine really helped me strike without fear. When ready, I step in and strike
  10. You can also use Canva. I use that for lot of editing images and it's much much cheaper than Photoshop. Easy to use as well. Let me know of the difference if you continue making other course! Good luck.
  11. Hi, I'm a golfer caught with the crazy bug this year and played more rounds that I have in the past 8 years combined. It's been a fun journey. I'm working on new swing new grip so my game is fluctuating like crazy. I have a high HCP: 19.9. I have an ambitious goal of lowering this to the 10-12 range by end of next year. I'm documenting my journey through YouTube vlog and excited to share it with everyone. I also got coaching for the first time, but everything is a work in progress at the moment.. a lot of 3 putts. Thanks! John
  12. I broke 100 consistently these past couple round! Super happy
  13. I just started seriously this year (played more than 3 rounds). Previously, I liked playing but hated the time commitment. I'd go out drink and generally have fun. But this year, me being more serious about the game, I decided not to drink during my rounds. The reason is, I don't need alcohol to have more fun. It's simply fun being out and playing. Alcohol can wait
  14. Great job on the book! I use a range finder, but that doesn't tell me about the little creek up front or traps in the corners i can't see. I think if I had a book like this, it can help a lot with my filming too! [EDIT] Where did you get the images? Do you contact the course?
  15. Only about a month and half left to go. Here are my short term goals Lessons. Purchase a set of 3 and have 1 lesson left. Complete this before December Range sessions 3 times a week 30 minutes of putt. This is important because I've been consistently having at least 2 or 3, 3 putts and some times 4 putts. Round the clock style that Phil Mickelson teaches. Making 50 3 ft putts 5 set of Stroke speed (slow, medium, fast) 3 strokes each 40 minutes of drive and long irons. Hitting GIR is very rare for me and I think getting my driv
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