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  1. On 7/12/2020 at 8:02 PM, TourSpoon said:

    Play without fear - that is a great concept.  Stepping up with confidence allows us the mental framework to give us the best chance to hit a great shot. Stepping up with fear and doubt or playing prevent defense seems to backfire. 

    And always, always, play quickly. I can play with anyone, as long as they are quick. 

    Ya great point on this. My previous pre-strike routine was 
    1. align my club and body
    2. Take couple practice swings 
    3. Take a step forward and place club behind the ball
    4. Strike

    Now my pre-strike routine is
    1. Look behind the ball to see where I want to hit my ball 
    2. Take couple practice swing behind the ball
    3. Find the aim point couple feet away 
    4. Step in and place club behind teh ball
    5. Strike

    This new routine really helped me strike without fear. When ready, I step in and strike

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