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  1. In addition to all this, I've seen old, over the hill golfers on my home coarse post low scores, with horrible low swing speeds usually sending the ball lower than it should really fly. And young golfers post high scores with faster swing speeds than mine and with pretty nice looking ball flights. Something leads me to think I might be missing the point of all this somewhere....
  2. Ok this is a good response. I'm definitely not a 5 handicap or scratch golfer but I think I could be a scratch golfer. This is why I'm so frustrated. Here is my reasoning... I hit it mostly out of the middle. And I can send the ball flying... In the beginning I had kind of a necky shot on the heel, when I started to draw the ball I started to get the occasional toe... theses days its mostly middle with the miss too high in the face. That's why I'm "the Destroyer of Turf" I had a tendency to take a pretty large divot. Now, this didn't always result in a bad shot. I stuck some greens with thos
  3. I understand that if speed, launch, and spin are the same so is distance. Hole one at my course is 405 yards straight tee to green. A couple of months ago I hit a gentle fade to within 10 yards of the 100 yard marker, center fairway. Literally days later I hit a gentle draw to the same exact spot. However, a face open to path encourages a strike closer to the heel while a face closed to path encourages a strike more out of the toe, making the hot spot that's above center towards the toe a more likely impact location. And as far as old covid, wife was at her mom's when her brother showed up out
  4. In part I'm trying to hit a draw for extra distance and in part because winds at my coarse commonly reach 20-25mph sustained with 30mph gusts. Hitting a fade into a 20mph headwind, is not my idea of fun. I wasn't exposed, my wife and kid were and they have remained at her mom's because of it.
  5. I might drive up to the range later today or tomorrow and record some new video. Gotta find the tripod.
  6. Thanks. Glad to be here. Yeah, I was pretty upset when I posted that. Every time I think I've "figured it out" I think I've "mastered the draw" it all falls apart. Last week I told the ball claim guy to go buy a lottery ticket, because I hit draw after draw. But yeah, the problems I had on the range yesterday gave the brief urge to snap my five iron and chunk my golf bag. The fact that my idiot brother-in-law possibly exposed my wife, kid, and mother-in-law to the virus and they're isolated there and I'm isolated here may have also played a role in said frustration. I may have had a cou
  7. Are you asking me to post a video of me swinging a golf club to the internet? That's almost as bad as asking me to post a nude! Its ugly. 0% graceful. Due to years of lifting heavy in the gym I lack flexibility big time. When Koepka was still on top the commentators were man-crushing him, going on about his 225lbs max bench press. I ventured into my shed the other day and cranked out 6 after not touching a weight for two and half years. At peak 3 years ago I think I did that weight for 21 or 22 reps. At 36 years of age I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back. So besides my gut and wee
  8. Almost same. First attempts drawing the ball produced straight ball flight. But then I learned the lovely duck hook. That's a period that lasted longer then it should have.
  9. They were definitely old range balls. Old Wilson Premium Range balls, though they don't appear to have been "premium" for some time. That being said I hit balls at this place all the time and except for the occasional bad apple the balls usually fly according to the swing applied. I wish I could blame the balls but I don't think they're to blame. When I go hit balls I usually hit well over one hundred, two hundred balls, they aren't all trash. It would start off with draw spin clearly. Ok, imagine a straight fairway 20 yards wide. Ball starts well right, comes back a bit then decides nope. Th
  10. Ok. So here's the info from the last three sessions.... just so everyone knows when I'm hitting well, most of my clubs go around tour average , when I'm hitting super good maybe ten yards farther for my irons.. So I'm just trying to lock in the draw. My natural swing is a fade. First session, slight head wind. Hitting some pretty decent draws. Second session, slight tail wind, but mostly right to left, huge draws. Today it was so still you could probably hear a ball landing off a 500 yard tee shot, couldn't hardly curve the ball. What really gets me is when I over exaggerated the in to ou
  11. I bought them. Heads are legit. Shafts were installed with the logo up which is off putting and the grips are trash. New grips and a shaft pull should solve the problem. I'll still probably replace them with a long iron or utility iron. I just can't ever figure out if I'm hitting an iron or fairway wood. My first set was 1,3,5, 3-pw so I guess I'm just more use to irons. They fly good when you middle them.
  12. So I just bought a new set of irons. I had wanted 3 or 4-pw,gw, however I got a great deal on a 5-pw set. Figured I'd just buy a 3 and 4 iron or utility irons to round out the set. Then I saw this on hurricane golf. New Adams Idea super 9031 proto hybrids. https://www.hurricanegolf.com/close-out-golf-equipment/close-out-hybrids/adams-super-9031-hybrids.html . I haven't played golf for too long and when I started I had wanted to eventually have a few Adams clubs in the bag. However, when I started looking to purchase Adams clubs there was nothing to buy. Apparently Taylormade bought them, took
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