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  1. Hey guys, wanted to thank boogielicious again for his time. Iacas, we talk about the 90 degree power position in our description on our site as one of the benefits to a straighter lead arm. It is almost impossible to bend past 90 if the lead is straight. Thanks
  2. Thanks for braving the cold and putting this video up! You've got a nice and efficient swing. I look forward to seeing more! Ps. The straps are definitely long enough to fit a dump truck. I like to tuck them as well, but could be trimmed too.
  3. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to answer your questions, I'll start at the top. Allowing bend and how much? You are correct. The straps are elastic, but doubled over the arm. This allows the bend I'm alking about, enough to actually follow through for the most part if you didn't get the product to unlock. This is uncomfortable, but it's not going to cause harm. Magnets: The magnet in the upper part of the swing lock is calibrated to function with the weight of the sliding rod. There are no springs. Momentum moves the sliding rod off the magnet to unlock the unit. A
  4. Hi guys, I just wanted to jump in since we're new to the training aid game. The Zwingnetic+ does not "force" a straight arm in the sense of your arm is fixed. It allows a bit of bend at the top, the force comes into play more so on the downswing as your arm needs to be back to square/straight in order for the swing lock to unlock for a full follow through. The swing lock will unlock in the backswing if your tempo is too fast as well. Both providing immediate feedback. The product acts as a guide telling you that you're too fast, or you're not square/straightthrough the downswing. Both causing
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