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  1. Got a lesson on Friday, tried to incorporate a few new swing thoughts over the weekend, and it felt so different (ball flight also better etc.). Then I look at the video and it looks pretty much the same. Sometimes this is a frustrating sport.... Thanks @iacas. If I understand your first point correctly, I should be pivoting more with the body and less with the arms on their own? Definitely agree about the weight shift, it has always been a big stumbling block for me.
  2. Just started playing again for something to do during the pandemic. Focus is on Keys 1 & 2 at the moment. I've been Playing Golf for: several years. Started in 2006, stopped in 2012, started up again in April 2020 My current handicap index or average score is: 22.2 (last official from 2012 + 1 EDS in April, so probably optimistic at this point). My typical ball flight is: high The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: slice or topping the ball Videos:
  3. finitesoup


  4. Saw this in an earlier thread, and if the shipping costs (plus import VAT, etc) to Europe weren't so expensive it's the one I'd order: http://www.thenetreturn.com/net-return-assembly.html No question that if I were back in the States and had the room that we'd have one...
  5. Having just had my first evolvr lesson, I can say that for me the key thing that I have to work on is not having the left knee move back in the backswing. In addition both knees move forward with the forward hip slide in the downswing, so they end up outside (to the left of) the left ankle. Makes an unbelievable difference in my ballstriking when I get it...just need to groove it at the driving range.
  6. Does Quicktime Pro allow you to export the video so that it automatically plays at 1/8 or 1/16 speed?
  7. I forgot to mention that I have read this thread and it's basically what I'm looking for, but hopefully more Mac-focused.
  8. This post is mostly for iacas as I know he is familiar with this workflow, but if there are others that have input I'd appreciate it as well. Basically, what is your workflow and what software do you use for taking swing video off of a digital video camera (e.g. Kodak Zi6/Zi8/Zx1/Playsport) on to a Mac and minimally editing it, then uploading it to YouTube as a slow-motion video? Editing would include: * Removing sound * Clipping out only the relevant portion of the video * Doing what ever else is possible to reduce the size of the file without compromising quality * Saving so playback is at a defined speed 1/8, 1/16, etc. Bonus points for how to do this for only portions of the video while the rest is at real-time speed. * Possibly inserting a "slide" including some text (not absolutely necessary) I would also be interested in hearing what people use on Windows as well. Pointers to online tutorials, books, etc are also appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Sorry for the confusion. But my original question remains: Is the uncocking/unhinging a conscious move in the S&T; swing or should it just happen?
  10. My understanding is that the flying wedge is the backwards bend of the right hand that forms an angle to the wrist. This angle can be maintained while unhinging/uncocking the angle formed between the shaft of the club and the arms while straightening the arms through the downswing. That's what I'm referring to when describing the conscious unhinging. I have not recorded the change on video as I'm waiting for my camera...should arrive sometime next week.
  11. Yesterday I started consciously "releasing" my wrist hinge (while still maintaining the flying wedge) right after I start my downswing by moving my trailing knee towards the target and while straightening my arms. The movement of the trailing knee as the downswing trigger and the straightening of the arms are moves that I've been working on for a while, but the conscious unhinging was new. I immediately noticed a difference in my ball-striking -- higher ball flight and an additional 5-10 meters with my 7-iron. So that's great, right? However, I worry that I've introduced a timing-dependent element that goes against my understanding of the stack and tilt swing. What do the gurus say? Is this something that you think about or should it happen automatically? It could just be working for me as I tend to have too much tension in my grip and wrists and if I don't consciously release then it doesn't happen...
  12. We've had a couple of days of above-zero weather and most of the course is green, so I played 18 today. Twice, however, my ball landed in a little patch of un-melted snow. One of the times was in a bunker. I proceeded as if the ball was in standing water both times, but wondered if that's correct. What do you rules gurus say? Does snow equal standing water when it comes to the rules?
  13. One comment on Amazon claims that the writing is poor, they could have used a better editor, etc. Any truth to this claim?
  14. Living in Europe, I'm currently loving Leffe Blonde Highly recommended, as are basically all of the Belgian beers I have tried.
  15. First snow of the season here...and no heated ranges or domes to feed my golf need. I am considering buying a Golf Launchpad simulator , that can be hooked up to a computer or game console. Does anyone have one? What has your experience been? Is it something you continually use after the novelty wares off?
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