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  1. So here's my dilemma. I started up again in late April after a 6-7 year break. I have gotten 4 lessons during that time, and I have improved the results of my swing with my irons (mostly straight or slight draw). When I see the video and photos, even though it feels like I've changed a lot I can see it's far from ideal, no weight shift, bad impact, etc. I also carry much less that I feel like I should with each club given my general fitness level and I basically never take a divot after the ball which I know is a sign of good mechanics. Do I bite the bullet and try for a complete overhaul? I wonder how long that will take and if it will remove the enjoyment of getting out for 9 holes almost every evening. I can put the time in practice-wise, I just need to make sure I'm practicing the right thing. Has anyone else gone from this bad of a swing to a decent one, and how long did it take?
  2. Thanks all. I'll give Day 5 and the earlier drills a shot. I understand what you're saying, now to just make my body do it...
  3. Working on release and feeling like I've made big changes, though video shows that feel isn't real. Seems like a very "armsy" swing on video, though I'm really trying to use my lower body to start the downswing and turn through the shot.
  4. @Swindon thanks, that makes sense. I'd been tracking the second scenario same as the first.
  5. If you hit a ball OB from the tee, and are using a stat tracker (in my case Golfshot), would you mark that as one or two penalty strokes? And would that change if you used the new local rule to drop where the ball went OB and hit your fourth shot?
  6. I did think it was an 18 hole index, makes much more sense that it's for 9 holes. Thanks everyone for helping me figure it out.
  7. It is the shorter/easier 9 hole course at our club. Not sure if it would be considered an Executive Course as it does have a par 5 and 4 par 4s. Par is 33. I was actually wondering why the calculator didn't ask for par as in my understanding it's necessary for the new WHS.
  8. Hey all, The coronavirus got me back into golf after a long break. I've been playing nine holes almost every evening since May. I mostly play alone, so I have been using my handicap from when I last played and I've been keeping strict score. I just entered my last 20 rounds into a World Handicap System calculator and it's saying my index is 11.7, which is way better than I ever was before. Have I made a mistake somewhere? Would love an extra set of eyes or two on this. Golf Handicap Calculator Two free calculators for computing a golf player's course handicap and the player's World Handicap System (WHS) handicap index based on their past scores. In addition, explore hundreds of other calculators addressing... is the site where I've entered my scores. Cheers.
  9. Got a lesson on Friday, tried to incorporate a few new swing thoughts over the weekend, and it felt so different (ball flight also better etc.). Then I look at the video and it looks pretty much the same. Sometimes this is a frustrating sport.... Thanks @iacas. If I understand your first point correctly, I should be pivoting more with the body and less with the arms on their own? Definitely agree about the weight shift, it has always been a big stumbling block for me.
  10. Just started playing again for something to do during the pandemic. Focus is on Keys 1 & 2 at the moment. I've been Playing Golf for: several years. Started in 2006, stopped in 2012, started up again in April 2020 My current handicap index or average score is: 22.2 (last official from 2012 + 1 EDS in April, so probably optimistic at this point). My typical ball flight is: high The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: slice or topping the ball Videos:
  11. finitesoup


  12. Saw this in an earlier thread, and if the shipping costs (plus import VAT, etc) to Europe weren't so expensive it's the one I'd order: http://www.thenetreturn.com/net-return-assembly.html No question that if I were back in the States and had the room that we'd have one...
  13. Having just had my first evolvr lesson, I can say that for me the key thing that I have to work on is not having the left knee move back in the backswing. In addition both knees move forward with the forward hip slide in the downswing, so they end up outside (to the left of) the left ankle. Makes an unbelievable difference in my ballstriking when I get it...just need to groove it at the driving range.
  14. Does Quicktime Pro allow you to export the video so that it automatically plays at 1/8 or 1/16 speed?
  15. I forgot to mention that I have read this thread and it's basically what I'm looking for, but hopefully more Mac-focused.
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