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  1. I think 50% improvement is pretty substantial especially for a guy who has been stuck in the same spot with seemingly little hope for further improvement on the current trajectory. I’d also add that I’d expect a lot less volatility which may not get captured in the handicap but is also a sign of improvement.
  2. Maybe he cuts his handicap in half?
  3. Well, the big reveal at the end of the season was that Mike was going to be taking regular lesson from Adam. We’ll see if he keeps up. I suspect if he does, the improvement will be substantial. Also, I enjoyed Eli’s goal of getting to 120 mph clubhead speed. That’s a pretty big goal though it does sound like he can already move it.
  4. Thanks for the welcome. You were a little further north and west from where I grew up and mainly played. I wouldn’t be surprised if I played some tournaments out that way since it seemed like I was racking up tons of miles to get to and from events. I grew up in Glencoe so about the 5th suburb north. Shepherds Crook is a lot of fun. I haven’t been up there in years but would love to get back next summer.
  5. I’ve lurked around this forum for awhile but decided to take the plunge today. I’m a 45 yr old guy who lives on the north side of the city and plays in the north suburbs. I played in college and have been bouncing around between +1 and 3 for most of my adult life but, to be honest, it was pretty phony. I barely played much, never practiced but all the years of playing and competing meant I was always able to scrounge up a handful of good rounds each summer to keep the number low. This summer, I really caught the bug and had a run for about six weeks where I felt like I was in college again. I have not felt this enthused about the and had this much desire to improve since about 1995. I love the idea of some of these accountability threads to keep me on track with my improvement plans and goals for the winter. Now I just have to hope the city doesn’t completely shut down so I don’t lose my hitting bay and Trackman. I guess if (when) that happens, I’ll find out how much cold I’m willing to tolerate in the backyard to get better at this dumb game. —Dave
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  7. First post on the site and it’s here. I’m in for this. I’m really motivated to work on my game this winter and speed sticks were part of my planned routine. Glad to have an accountability group to keep me on track.
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