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  1. I saw the volcano course over the weekend. What a crazy location to build a golf course. It seems to be maintained, so hopefully the school has found another company to run it as it would be a very good option to have 30 or so miles away. Agreed with your comment about the golfers at Hilo muni. Seems like a suitable place to play if I ever need to find a weed dealer Will head up to the other side of the big island this week to see what deals can be had
  2. Thanks. I will go up and have a look at the volcano areas tomorrow. If no luck, shall go and buy some hiking gear. You are right and I should have done my research before heading here. Thank you for the ideas regarding consultants and vendors.
  3. Hi everybody, I have just moved to Hilo,Hi. Was previously in Houston, where I played twice per week for between 30-60bucks a game. Never over 100bucks. Tx has so many options. Have been transferred to Hilo. From my experience so far golf in Hawaii is rubbish for normal folk. One muni is the town. Complete crap. 6,200 yards of bunkerless time wasting. Closest ok course is Hamakua. Around 40miles north. 20bucks all you can play. The course really reflects its green fee. Closest decent course is around 70 miles NE, Makani Golf. Starting at $100 for a co
  4. Hi everybody, I am Andy and am currently residing in Hilo, Hawaii. Look forward to chatting with everybody here on a range of golf related topic. Thank you
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