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  1. There is a little more to it than SS. I swing fast enough to play a 5.5 but I am a smooth swinger with a deliberate tempo. I hit 5.0 vs 5.5 and it was a night and day difference. Try to hit them if you can. Rule of thumb is that the flighted shafts are .5 higher than non flighted. If I was going to play flighted PX I would play 5.5
  2. I switch back and forth between the SFTP 1 and Ping I20. SFTP is low/mid flight, great on windy days or links courses, Ping is great for target courses and courses with a lot of doglegs because it goes high and doesn't get a ton of roll.
  3. try the i20 with the 707d, nice low launching combo.
  4. i play every driver at 44.75" and I would be shocked if anyone could tell the difference in weight or length or flex.
  5. I went to the midnight launch party at GG and wasn't really impressed with the results in the simulator. I take lessons on Friday's from my buddy who is the head pro at my local CC. They stock them in the pro shop and I asked him if I could hit them outside and it was a different ball game. I bought the HT 17* and a 21.5* hybrid. The feel of the club took some getting used to but you can't argue the results of a 4w that goes as far if not farther than my old 3w. I didn't buy into the initial hype, I waited till I could hit them outside.
  6. Played 18. Shot 76 32 putts 36% fairways hit 50% gir 1 three putt 4 birdies 7 pars 6 bogeys 1 double bogey Not too bad I guess.
  7. I believe that most of the time it is a longer parallel tip section to raise launch to make it perform better for a wider range of players.
  8. i have a 909f with a YS 7+ in my basement... Shoot me a message if your interested, its fairly cheap.
  9. i don't remember them claiming anything added with the driver.
  10. Brought up the purse thing because of you were trying to justify their actions by saying its their fault because they were making stuff in China.
  11. Go hit drivers on a launch monitor. Pay close attention to angle of attack. High spin is ok if your launch is really low, maybe not 4000 but it all depends on ball speed, launch angle, backspin and angle of attack. My guess is that if you lost distance with less spin it could be that the launch was lower as well or your contact was not as solid with the D3. Get an idea of what the LM #'s are and we may be able to point you in a better direction.
  12. I have one coming with a DI next Friday.... Hurry up Ping and put it together already!
  13. Look at fake LV purses, those have never been made in China. They still make BS fakes to sell for a profit. Stop trying to justify it bud, you are definitely in the minority. China steals other people's products, mass produces garage copies and sells them to make Money
  14. Hence the reason I brought up Kucok's putter. The guy is 6'11". I stopped at GS today, 38.5" putter. Which if any one cares was a Redwood ZB with a Superstroke grip.... To tell him he can't use a putter that fits him because it's too long is absurd, but they should figure out a way to regulate the motion or "stroke", if you will, to some degree. Which isn't exactly necessary until they do a little research on the subject. I personally can't use them, I putt worse with it in the few times I've tried them. This will be a very long, heated debate until they either prove there is or is not
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