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  1. Fair to say I've put far too much practice in due to the lockdown situation in the UK. The mat was brand new 2 months ago 😁😁
  2. iacas, After reviewing some more practice swings your absolutely right about the club face. It was WIDE open 🤣
  3. Hi, First post on this forum but looking forward to using it to improve my game. Started playing golf around 5 months ago and now I'm hitting a regular mid to high 80's at my local course. I Noticed I was flipping at impact due to hitting a fair few fat shots, so did a lot of work on trying to stop it. Now im at the stage where i could do 100 practice swings and get it right every time, but whenever I hit the ball with the same feels I still end up flipping? Any advise would be much appreciated. Many thanks Jason
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