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  1. Thanks for your reply Adam C. If graphite shafts are lighter wouldn't the swing weight go up? If I have a two identical 4 irons but the only difference is one has a 38.5" steel shaft and one has a 39.5" graphite shaft, wouldn't the swing weight be heavier on the graphite club?
  2. I'm putting new graphite shafts in my irons that had steel shafts in them. I went on Golfworks website to get the standard lengths of iron shafts. They have one set of lengths for steel shafts and another set of numbers for graphite. All graphite measurements were .5 inches longer than the steel measurements. I thought swing weight to be a basic principal of physics. If the head is heavier in relation to the weight of the golf shaft, the swing weight goes up. If graphite shafts are typically lighter than steel shafts wouldn't it stand to reason they'd at least be the same length. There'
  3. Pretty much everything is a trade-off. You'll get speed with lighter shafts but may lose stability. I'm sure others can speak to resources for you.
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