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  1. if you look at iacas' response to my response he dissects, condescends, builds sarcasm into his statements, etc. i don't have any time for his bologna. apparently i came late to the party and didn't realize this website's intent. i thought the website "sandtrap.com", that i found because of some good equip reviews, etc., was a golf discussion open to anyone pure and simple. i thought because i was a + hndcp that i would be helping others but didn't realize the site was monitored by a self proclaimed golf czar in iacass. the site should be called "stack-n-tilt.com." i'll just take a vacation fr
  2. first - IACAS: i don't come around very often. but, when i have you have sought me out it seems to poke holes in whatever i may have to say. iacas has done this every time, literally. i understand he is a proprietor of this website. i understand he is an instructor, profits from his advice, derives clients from this website and is (was?) a proponent of stack and tilt. it seems if he is no longer a proponent of s&t; exclusively, it would be because s&t; as a stand alone swing method has really been debunked. but in past, he has professed it as "the" swing. over the past two years or so
  3. body { font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px; padding: 0px; background: #FBF9EC; } table { text-align:left;} p { margin-left:0px; font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13px;} td { font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; width: 18px; } Iacass, Can you handle that? Course: Bears Best, Suwanee, Ga Start Time: 1/9/2012, 10:39 AM Duration: 3:30 Weather: 56℉, Clear, Humidity: 93%, Wind: S at 5 mph Generated By:
  4. iacas, you're a hacker aren't you? a complete chopper. you're a hater too... you're a stack and tilt teacher and you can't handle someone (like me) with a better game/swing than you. you play golf swing (S&T;); i play golf. i'll play you anytime for cash (big cash), or reputation. bring it!! bash all you want - you're a chopper. i saw that drill you posted where you were acting as if you were hitting "down hill" to show how to get your hands ahead. you don't know what you're doing. and you give lessons? to hackers no doubt... bring it chopper.
  5. unless you haven't read my text above, earlier in this thread, please do. Alright, the KBS C-Taper shafts are very nice. I must say they are my favorites as of now.
  6. Went to a master club fitter last week to look ONLY at iron shafts and was concerned only with distance control, shot accuracy/dispersion, ball on club face consistency. All fittings done outdoors, with naked eye AND a fully operational Trackman with great targets. There was a little wind, temperature was hovering in upper 50's and it was relatively humid/overcast. I live in Atlanta area. I made conscious effort to put same exact swing on every shot. After seeing me swing, measuring speed, etc., we had a specific idea of what t
  7. precisely why people who doubt are average golfers, and people like me are plus handicappers. keep doing what you're doing... or try something like stack and tilt... tee hee hee
  8. There's no magic. It is training that makes your hands get ahead of the clubhead at impact and THAT (hands ahead) is the #1 key to consistent shot making, and consistent scores. To get your hands ahead #1, you must have great hip rotation!!! The average tour pro's hips are 42 degrees open at impact. The average amateur golfer's hips are about 10 degrees open. To get your hands ahead #2, you must have great hip rotation!!! The average tour pro's hips are 42 degrees open at impact. The average amateur golfer's hips are about 10 degrees open. - - - - - - - - - -
  9. - - - - - - - - - - - - - Well, that's all fine and good... I guess... it depends what you're trying to accomplish. Myself? I picked up the game in April 2008. I broke 70 (a 69) April 14, 2010. This past season (2011) I shot in the 60's more than I shot in the 80's. My low round (July 6th, 2011) was 64. I played yesterday, had seven birdies and shot 68 (yeah, if it had been a perfect round would have shot 65, but no one is perfect). My swing is below... I've never been told I look like Hogan, Woods, Couples, etc., but when I rattle off birdie after birdie, get on most par 5s in two, people
  10. wow. i applaud your interest and dedication. i can't say anything but positives to you because you are a man on mission! gotta love that! i especially love the hogan hat in every video. to me, that says it all!!! you are an inspiration!
  11. Tom

    My Swing (Tom)

    Poser, good point and right-o! i could continue to "work on my swing" and certainly will. but,you have to be careful. look at woods with foly - what a train wreck that has become. i don't want to chase that. know what i mean? could i hold the right wrist angle longer? who couldn't! could i turn my left hand, wrist and forearm more as a single unit and have a more natural flowing turn over of my right hand/arm? absolutely! could my right arm be bent more and could i have more lateral bend? absolutely... look at the photos i posted above of the pros... four gifted athletes with all very
  12. Tom

    My Swing (Tom)

    hi chipotle, you've hit the nail on the head! the trait that all driver/holder's demonstrate is more (much more) bend in their right arm at impact than the flipper (me) or the roller (mickelson). look at mickelson (below left), especially with his driver. his left arm (trailing arm) is straight at impact. then compare him to the most extreme driver/holder, and you see - BIG TIME. for example, rory sabatini (second from left - and yeah, rory sabatini) is an extreme driver/holder. Next is Rory McIlroy (in red shirt). He's a driver holder but because he has less lateral bend (less than Sabati
  13. Tom

    My Swing (Tom)

    Rusty, You are too nice. Thanks. Tom
  14. Tom

    My Swing (Tom)

    michael, thanks for the comment and you're right. getting the handle more forward at impact is a trait of all great and legendary swings. when you inspect the video closely at slow speed ( i use V1 and 240fps video so i can break down all aspects of the swing and know what to work on), the handle is forward. not forward by sergio's standards, but forward enough. what is enough? i've done a lot of work on this... enough is simple and is measurable precisely with video. if you strike the ball with the handle back of ball, you CANNOT control the direction of the golf ball, you have glancing blows
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