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  1. So on further inspection weve also found that my custom set of srixons disnt have any of the 4 extra wraps under the grips like i was fitted for lol... They did offer a refit after e-mailing their help which is good. But im moving back to my hogans anyway....
  2. I swear that I was fit with 105 then when I picked up the clubs they had 120 in them. basically the srixon fitter couldn't really remember so they all just tiptoed around it and suggested that the 120s are right for me. Pretty shity really. And yeah also didn't put in extra length in the shafts based on my toe down swing at the time. instead of just fitting me properly and letting me learn to swing the club properly. Yes I like and agree with that advice good to hear thank you for your reply.
  3. I've just bought my third set of Hogan 99 blades after playing srixon z forged blades that weren't correctly statically fit to my length/height. I'm really in the camp of having my clubs correctly statically fit to start with, then learn how to strike, shape my shots from there better. Rather than trying to get better with clubs that aren't really fit right for me. my question is I was going to add half an inch to these Hogan's but then thought maybe I just go the whole hog and re-shaft them all with newer shafts? I do like Nippon modus tour105 stiff that would probably be similar weight
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