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  1. I got it on EBay. Luckily enough to find one on there cheaper than buying direct and uncut.
  2. First round and it was great. I play a very tight course and hitting fairways are tough. Typically lose 1-2 balls a round due to how tight. Kept everything In Play and hit 8/14 fairways. I don’t have a launch monitor to know all the data but you can tell the ball has more “pop”. I let my brother in law try it this morning as well and he was getting 20-30 yards more distance. I was getting closer to 10-15 yards. Then another friend on the range tried it and loved it as well. It’s definitely the real deal. If I get into a launch monitor I’ll compare the 2 options.
  3. This shaft seems pretty nice. I took a flyer on it and got the SF505 (I swing 100-105MPH). It came in last night and I took it to the range this morning. I saw on a couple sites people mentioning there was a learning curve and it was true. I tried using my same swing I put on my Hzrdus green and the ball just took off to the right. 10-20 swings later I was able to figure it out and was amazed at the results. I realized I needed to just swing smoother and slower and it worked perfectly. Feels so weird swinging this slow and the ball going farther. I was on the range so no comparison ot
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