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  1. You should always be comfortable playing with folks you don't know. Some of my best times / rounds have been had with folks I got paired up with at the course. Playing with folks you don't know will help you major league in ways you won't realize until later. You might meet your future boss or client on the course; maybe you'll play with a neighbor that you didn't know golfed. ....anyway I Don't see any reason why you wouldn't have the opportunity to play with strangers-- that is unless you don't have the opportunity to play before you go. I just got back from Maui and played with stran
  2. Kraemer


    Didn't have any luck on my last post regarding Maui, but I was able to play the 2 cheapest courses there Pukalani was 27 bucks after 2:30 and the Waiehu Muni was 50. Pukalani was by far a nicer course. At the muni they put out a 8 some and a 6 some in front of a twosome-- that sucked. All we did was wait around. Took 3+ hours to go 9. ( I wouln'd suggest playing there, but then again it was better than paying $170/round!)
  3. Thanks folks. I appreciate the input! I'm sleeping in a tent at the beach so...-- no address to ship to. Renting clubs isn't an option due to added cost and mainly -- they're rental clubs (and mine are new and fit me well). I am taking shoes, but no balls because of weight issues. Essentially-- I have a shoestring budget. I found a $308 R/T ticket on Hawaiin air, plus rental car = about $500 bucks. I'm in the class of the "working poor", and can't afford pay extra -anything- in terms of baggage. I wish I could take my surfboard, but to bring wil cost $160 extra. Hope to play wai
  4. Can't take the whole bag-- loading it along in some kite gear and due to budget/weight constrictions etc... What 2 clubs to take along with the putter/driver combo?
  5. Kewl replies. Weather is certainly strange-- nomally would go snowboarding too; there's only 68" base (normally 180") It's been 60º+ for the past several days and I noticed all the cherry blossoms coming out; about a month early. Going to play this weekend-- the courses here are JAMMED up due to this unseasonable weather. I can't wait for SUMMER! **Crey23, yeah kiteboarding is the sickest. Be careful and take learning seriously-- mistakes on the water are usually harmful to your health! Winter is Florida's kite season. The green fees in oregon go down quite a bit for winter, but I
  6. Will have to post pics. Anyone play with a camera?
  7. Got a couple of great rounds in over the weekend-- shot an exact bogey for the first time. 60º and beautiful.
  8. So you gotta vent! We'll I'll say he sounds like a -hole. How he communicated those ideas to you was probably not of good etiquette and he wasn't being cordial. I would have to agree with the "just don't move part". Only a few players will start to stir their clubs or start walking as another is about to swing. I'm guilty too. Anywhere and always on the fairway be cognative of the other's shot and stand still. It they can't see you, then walk on. but it is correct to respect the others shot. There is a polite and respectful way of communication and sometimes, regretfully, my way.
  9. This forum is an good start to find people to play with http://thesandtrap.com/forum/threads...and-Oregon-USA
  10. Anyone want to chase it this afternoon? Heading to Red-Tail; but could alter course....
  11. I have to hit all my punch shots with a 3 or 4 hybrid or 5 iron ( as the 5 is lowest iron in my set.) I would like a 2 or 3 iron as well. but have to many clubs already.
  12. Thanks for the resource immts.! Red tail is my course. a mucky mess it is right now. I've played Stone Creek and it was like disneyland of golf courses. Geek-- you're spot on to the great links around here.
  13. Cool Geek! We'll exchange some digits and get on the course!
  14. C'mon Portland, Oregon-- I know you're out there--- who wants to play?
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