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  1. The Callaway used are actually more expensive than the new irons on Carl's. That's why I was wondering if its legit. How can they have them so cheap? Thanks for all the help guys, I'm leaning towards Carl's.
  2. I worry about ebay though. I'd like to buy from a place that I know is legit and the clubs are new. Anyone know anything about Carls?
  3. My local Dickssportinggoods has them for $499 in store and if I need to return them its an easy 30 minutes drive. I recently found carlsgolfland.com and they have them for $399! Never heard of the place so I don't know if its reliable as in legit x20's and not fakes and their isn't a Carls anywhere near where I live. But saving $100 is big now a days. Any suggestions?
  4. Try Callaway X20's for 280! Sounds too good to be true. Anyone else heard of this site?
  5. Are they a good site and are their clubs new? I was thinking about buying some new irons and their prices are insane.
  6. Thanks for all the help guys. I' ll definitely try some other brands out but I love the 3 Callaway's I have now. Any other irons you guys recommend in the $500 price range?
  7. Thanks. How would you compare the Bertha Ibrids?
  8. Those are the three sets I am looking at. I love my Callaway Driver, wedge and putter so I figured I'd finish them off with the irons. I usually shoot in the 90's. No bad slice or hook although I'd like/need more distance off the tees. I'm definitely going to hit them before I buy but I'd like to get some opinions on here? Which set would you recommend? Are the 20's $200 better than the 18's? Which set is easiest to hit? Thanks for any help/advice.
  9. Used Golf Clubs from Golfsmith

    Thanks. I've thought about getting some x18's, 20's or bertha ibrids from there.
  10. Callaway Big Bertha Diablo and an Odyssey putter.
  11. Used Golf Clubs from Golfsmith

    I'd like to know if rockbottomgolf is legit.