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  1. The Callaway used are actually more expensive than the new irons on Carl's. That's why I was wondering if its legit. How can they have them so cheap? Thanks for all the help guys, I'm leaning towards Carl's.
  2. I worry about ebay though. I'd like to buy from a place that I know is legit and the clubs are new. Anyone know anything about Carls?
  3. My local Dickssportinggoods has them for $499 in store and if I need to return them its an easy 30 minutes drive. I recently found carlsgolfland.com and they have them for $399! Never heard of the place so I don't know if its reliable as in legit x20's and not fakes and their isn't a Carls anywhere near where I live. But saving $100 is big now a days. Any suggestions?
  4. Try Callaway X20's for 280! Sounds too good to be true. Anyone else heard of this site?
  5. Are they a good site and are their clubs new? I was thinking about buying some new irons and their prices are insane.
  6. Thanks for all the help guys. I' ll definitely try some other brands out but I love the 3 Callaway's I have now. Any other irons you guys recommend in the $500 price range?
  7. Thanks. How would you compare the Bertha Ibrids?
  8. Those are the three sets I am looking at. I love my Callaway Driver, wedge and putter so I figured I'd finish them off with the irons. I usually shoot in the 90's. No bad slice or hook although I'd like/need more distance off the tees. I'm definitely going to hit them before I buy but I'd like to get some opinions on here? Which set would you recommend? Are the 20's $200 better than the 18's? Which set is easiest to hit? Thanks for any help/advice.
  9. Thanks. I've thought about getting some x18's, 20's or bertha ibrids from there.
  10. Callaway Big Bertha Diablo and an Odyssey putter.
  11. I'd like to know if rockbottomgolf is legit.