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  1. I have been doing the drills, just have trouble posting pictures and videos (which is why I took a while to post the swing). Also, thank you for the feedback. Agree that not responding to other's feedback would defeat the point of me being here.
  2. I had to remove ALL my videos from all social media accounts in preparation for college. I can post it after this is over. I have posted some posts outside of swing help. I can't contribute much to the conversation as a relative beginner, but I have posted. In all, I appreciate you telling me how my activity needs to change on this forum. I will take your advice.
  3. Hi, I have a question on the backswing that is more of a personal feeling: does anyone here purposely think out bending the right elbow on the backswing? Or should that happen naturally without needing to worry about it? Any suggestions appreciated. Also, I couldn't find a thread related to this, so I just started a new topic.
  4. Yeah I have a tendency of overthinking things. Sometimes I forgot the game is played by actually hitting a ball.
  5. Also just wondering, is it possible to keep the elbow in front with a narrow takeaway? I know that Willett does it, but does he do it in a way that most people can't copy?
  6. Okay thank you for the feedback. I'll take on the trail arm challenge as suggested. Also Billchao thank you for the instructions. I wrongly assumed that by embedding videos, I just had to copy and paste the embedded link on YouTube.
  7. I need to clarify this sentence: by "my right elbow seems to not be around/behind the body when the hands are shoulder height", I mean that at that position my right elbow in relation to the edge of my body looks correct when compared with slo-mos on youtube.
  8. My opinion: 1. 5/1 2. 8/1 3. 50/1 4. 60/1 (If he makes it to tour, he'll likely win) 5.120/1 6. 2/1
  9. Guys I reposted the video trimmed with me hitting the ball. I posted both down the line and face-on slo mo as requested, but I am more particularly worried about down the line. I have two questions about my swing: 1. My right elbow seems to not be around/behind the body when my hands are shoulder height, but my right elbow goes behind the body at the end of the backswing. What do you think I am doing wrong from when my hands are shoulder height to the end of the backswing? (It seems like a short distance to me) 2. I have an over the top swing. I was wondering if it was caused by some
  10. Okay thank you both for the replies. The video is slo mo. I can make it regular speed next time.
  11. I've been Playing Golf for: 10 years My current handicap index or average score is: 95 My typical ball flight is: push/hook The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: push Videos: Hi guys I am trying to solve a elbow behind the body at the top of the backswing. My elbow seems to not be inside when my hands are shoulder height, but my elbow seems to pull inside from when the hands are shoulder height to the end of the backswing. Any feedback appreciated. Also sorry for the face on the video, feeling kind of paranoid these days.
  12. There was an video in which he hit his 8 iron 302 yards. 302.
  13. What's impressive is how often Kyle drives the ball onto the fairway despite his crazy length.
  14. I will see if I can get it posted by tomorrow. My device has issues with uploading that I am working on.
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