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  1. Down here in the Southern Hemisphere we're heading into summer, and this one might be even hotter than last year, which was the hottest on record. The weekend before last we had 44 degrees Celsius (111 Fahrenheit) in Sydney and summer hadn't even started. A couple of weeks of that and the bush will dry out, and we'll have wildfires like last year where the smoke was so dense I couldn't see my own garage. From this perspective, winter's looking pretty good. Alan.
  2. My club reports a 50% increase in rounds played over last year. Must be all the 'working from home'.
  3. Thanks Phil. After one guy had yelled for a while, another guy in the group said to me "Well, you gonna play with us or what?" Based on the graciousness of the invitation and the level of aggro, I felt I had no option but to decline, . I went back to tell the pro (also the starter) what had happened and he took no responsibility, so I played a practice round of 9 holes by myself, fuming a lot of the time. As compensation, play was extremely slow and the wind was about 50mph, so while waiting on various shots I found about 20 golf balls. Karma.
  4. I play most Thursdays in a Veterans competition at my club in Sydney. Today I was booked in at the tail of the field (of about 45 starters) at 11:10am with one other member I did not know. I booked in with the pro, as usual, about 10:15, paid the competition fee and went off to practice some chipping and putting. About 10:45 I went across to the first tee where another group of three members were teeing off, anticipating to follow them with my partner. When I arrived, one of the group rounded on me and verbally abused me for holding them up. They had apparently been watching me chipping
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