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  1. Was without network on Friday/Saturday so was unable to change Koepka (missed cut) with Harris English (-8 and 80 points on Saturday) between round 2 and 3. Pfffff!
  2. Hole number 12 birdied. A short, 335 yard, par 4 with a blind 20 yard uphill tee-shot. Hit the driver around 245 yards to the left side of the fairway and hit a soft 56 degree from there. Landed it around 15 feet past the flag and sunk the putt. Still plenty of holes left on the birdie-list 😉
  3. Shot 86 on a 6000 yard par 72 yesterday. After a mixed start, I'm very happy with the last 10 holes. 3 O.B. tee-shots and a tee-shot that found a bush 3 yards right of the fairway is responsible for +8 of the score and a couple of bad approach shots on the front +3-4 more. Hit 2 of the first 6 and 6 of the last 10 greens and made no 3-putts on very slow and bumpy greens (33 putts total). Hit my short irons really well from the short stuff (hit all the greens from 150 and in from fairway/semi), but struggled a bit from thick rough and with my longer irons. Finished the round with a nice b
  4. Birdied hole 2 yesterday. A short par 3, 135 yards, 15 yards downhill to a pretty flat green. I hit a smooth AW to around 8 feet and made the put. A 2 on the scorecard is allways welcome!
  5. Started playing when I was 30. Played around 10 to 12 rounds that year and ended up with 25 hcp. Played 10-12 rounds the next couple of years as well and was stable at around 19 hcp. Then came 12-13 years with playing only 1 to 3 rounds a year (small kids) and I struggled to break 100. Now I'm 45 and last year I stepped it up and played around 80 rounds - ended up with 11,5 hcp, hopefully reaching single digits this season. Now I break 80 on shorter courses (<5500 yards) every now and then and break 90 quite regularly on longer courses (>6300 yards). I think it pretty much co
  6. Played three rounds of golf this weekend on a short (5600 yards), very tight and difficult course where a missed fairway is either a lost ball or a short pitch back into fairway. My long game was completely lost with shanks, misshits and uncontrolled slices all weekend so I played my worst golf in 15 years (100+ on 2 of the rounds). My short game and wedgegame was still ok though, and I scored good on the short par 3s. My best shot of the week came on one of those: A short par 3 (113 yards) into a light breeze and I hit a smooth AW (48°) to a foot for an easy birdie. Attended a golfschoo
  7. Made a very nice birdie on hole 17 today. A 335 yard par 4, uphill, dogleg left with 2-level green. Hit a very good 4-iron from tee around 220 yards to the left side of the fairway, hit a very soft AW from there directly at the pin and left it 5’ short and made the putt. Made a 3-putt bogey from 5 feet on hole 1, a 540 yard par 5, after hitting my best drive of the year so far, a 330 yard drive to the left side of the fairway, a 5-iron over the green right and chipped it to 5 feet from there, just to use 3 shots from there as well. Did the same on hole 10, a 545 yard par 5, dogleg left
  8. Made a birdie hole 10 today. A 535 yard par 5 with a strong dogleg left after 350 yard that played directly into 15 mph wind today. I hit a bad slice of a drive around 230 yards to the rough on the left side, and the safe route to the dogleg corner was blocked by a tree so had to look for other options. If I hit it back into the fairway, I would need 4 to reach the green, so I went with the risky option: to hit it over the dogleg, a 200 yard carry over OB into the wind from the rough. I hit my 4 iron and cleared the OB by a couple of yards, and was left with around 60 yards to the green, pitch
  9. Haven't decided if I'm going to let it count yet, but I got birdies on 1, 7 (definitely not counting this one as it was on a provisional green and played a lot shorter than normal) and 13 on my homecourse on Saturday. It was from the the red tees. I'll let it count, but with red number for now. Will hopefully be replaced with black/yellow numbers later this summer. Missed a 12 feet eagle-putt on 1 (460 yard par 5) and sunk a 2 feet tap-in birdie on 13 (350 yard par 4)
  10. Played 18 holes from the yellows (6210 yards, par 72, rating 72,7, slope 147) and was all over the place. Shot 92 and had some excellent stretches of holes and some really bad ones. On holes 9 to 14 i made 5 pars and 1 double, only hitting 2 fairways, 1 green and only using 8 putts on that 6 hole stretch. It was looking like a good mid 80s round till after hole 15. +8 on the last 3 holes of the day is just a very, very sad way to end a round. Shot of the day was my tee shot on hole 4, a 192 yard par 3. With a slight breeze in the back I hit a 7i to 8 feet past the hole. It landed
  11. Homecourse finally opened today, and I finally played some good golf Played from the front tees (5350 yards, rated 68/slope 137, par 72) today, and maybe thats what I needed. Stroke the ball well and apart from on 5 and 15 I did no big mistakes. Stressfree golf 😎
  12. Another not hopeless round of 93 with a lot to work on yesterday. Fairways 5/14, Greens 5/18 and, 37!! (only one 3-putt) putts, with 6 doubles and a tripple. 5 balls in the water and not making a single putt outside 5 feet is not the recipe for success... I definitely make a lot of good shots, but with 50% of my teeshots missing left (18% right) I know what I need to work on.
  13. Shot 92 yesterday on a course I get 15 shots on, so net +5. Not hopeless, but I have a lot to work on. Fairways 4/14, greens 5/18 and 33 putts, 3 doubles and 2 tripples tells a lot. This was my best hole (even with the 3-putt) (490y par 5): 305 yard drive to mid fairway 174 yard 8i to 15 feet (above the hole) The downhill putt was too long and it ended with a 3-putt par. Very happy with the 2 shots to the green! My homecourse opens this season, so I will squeeze in a couple of rounds then.
  14. Played another rusty 18 holes yesterday, but made some good shots along the way. The best one was on a 370 yard par 4, where I missed the fairway left and dumped the approach in a pond short left of the green. Took a drop and had 85 yards into the wind left to the pin over the same pond, landed it directly in the cup and broke both the cup and the Covid-filler put into it. The hole spat it back out to a 5 inch tap-in bogey, but it was still pretty amazing shot. Wonder if it would've stayed in without the covid-filler in the hole.
  15. I have four "rooms" in my bag: Top: Driver (Callaway Mavrik), 4 wood (Old Cobra King) Mid-left: 4-7 irons (Callaway Mavrik) Mid-right: 8-9 irons, PW and AW (Callaway Mavrik) Bottom: 52°, 56°, 60° (Cobro King Pur) and putter (Old Odyssey white steel) Allways tidy, not allways clean....
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