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  1. So is there a drill for a better turn or pivot? I try to feel my left shoulder moving towards the inside of my right leg when I wanna make sure I make a full turn. Is this the correct way to think about it?
  2. My left arm folds and makes my backswing too long. I try to keep it relatively straight but not locked but it's so hard to focus on that when there's tons of other things to think about. Any fix for folded left arm on the backswing?
  3. Did Hogan really have a secret or did he simply just owned his unique swing like Moe Norman? I don't think I've seen anybody else past or present with his swing dna. Personally I think there's no secret. I believe Hogan worked hard and found a way to make his swing repeat. What he labeled his secret only works with his existing swing mechanic. So even if Hogan did tell us what it was I don't think that one particular thing would magically transformed our swing into a precision machine like his. My two cents.
  4. Very possible. I usually play well when I "feel" like I rotate everything towards the target at the same time.
  5. Yes, you're spot on with my flipping the club. If early a pull if late a push. Will work on being conscious of getting my weight forward and getting my hips more rotated towards the target before firing my hands. One thing I got going for me is I never goat hump. One of the thing I used to be obsess about is keeping my posture through impact. Now I just gotta find a way to get rid of this damn flippy release. Thanks so much sir. Will work on it diligently and film my swing when I get the chance.
  6. This is great advice. I've always been inconsistent and sloppy with my set-up and pre-shot routine especially under pressure. And the results usually speaks for itself. Will keep this in mind on my next round. Thanks so much!
  7. I suffer a two way miss like push fades and pull draws. I know it's a timing issue since I throw the club at the ball at impact. For the life of me I don't know how else to hit it. But I'd like to keep my way of throwing the club at the ball but to be more consistent. If it's even possible. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  8. The mental game in two words "imagine... execute"
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