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  1. Hey guys, I’m just about to start up again after an injury lay off (right trap). I was interested to know would you start at the beginning again or where you were at? I’d done 7 weeks of level 1 so was about to start level 2, did it for 1 day. thanks in advance guys!
  2. I’ve been to see the doctors today after a pain post workout. Turns out I’ve strained my traps, so will be stoping speed training for this week. Thankfully I’d gotten halfway through week 7 of training, so speed shouldn’t disappear too much.
  3. My speeds are back up today after a dip. I had a video lesson and found out the drop of was a result of my setup getting worse. Now that I’m not stretching for the ball speeds are back to previous levels. Time to kick on 😃
  4. Over the last week I’ve notified a fairly significant drop off in my speeds. Now 6-10 short of all my PBs for each weight. Anyone else have this happen in the past? I’m starting week 6 of super speed and drop offs have been there for the last 3 sessions.
  5. Just started week 2 on the sheet in my garden. I was wondering how often you’d also recommend hitting drivers as hard as possible alongside the speed training? For reference for speed training I’m using driver no ball and super speed sticks. Do you think you’re able to apply to faster if you do dedicated driver max speed hitting practice alongside?
  6. Seeing some gains today average up significantly and so the max. However it’s made me question if I’m doing it right, would you recommend keeping balance or allowing yourself to swing as aggressively that you step out of the finish?
  7. Completed the training at lunch today. Although the numbers are exactly the same as average and max for my driver I'm pretty chuffed at some of the others club speeds. I managed to set a PB of 130 with green and 123 with blue during the step drill. Hopefully my end figures will reflect that next time.
  8. Sorry I meant for the med and max columns each session not the start one. I asked the question poorly
  9. I’ve just reviewed the spread sheet. Just to check is it driver swing speed you want to capture? And do you want it before or after the speed training?
  10. I’m ready and raring to do. I’ve gotten the speed sticks and a radar. I was wondering if you’d recommend wearing gloves on both hands for training opposed to just the dominate hand? Given we are swinging left as well?
  11. A full starter set of Wilson deep reds. I fell in love the the red wood heads and 3 wood was by and way my favourite club. Only got rid of it this year after 17 years. The fitted replacement was a major step forward and was the right decision.
  12. I’m new to the site and was referred to this thread from the Superspeedsters thread. I’m wondering how long you’d recommend doing the training for minimum and what you’d expect the gains to be? Ive read the full thread and it sounds like training normally lasted 2-3 months and you saw a upto 10 mph club speed gain is that correct? Has anyone done any complimentary training at the same time, such as top speed golf etc?
  13. Ive been using my speed sticks for a couple of weeks now with the aim of fastest speeds. I was hoping for any success stories from anyone who has used them previously? How long would you recommend using them for? Hat sort of improvements would you expect (%)?
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