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  1. The instructor who initially built my swing works at the only indoor range in my city, so I started seeing him by default. I kept seeing him because of his analytical approach, the convenience of his schedule and proximity, and his reasonable rates. When I was looking at new instructors, my choice was based on his instructional philosophy (which is more, but not entirely, feel-based than the previous instructor) and reviews on Yelp. I must say that even if his technique is not fit for me, I did feel like I left with a much more of concrete lesson thanks to his teaching style.
  2. Yes, that’s my “former” swing. I felt way too close to the ball with the new swing, and was coming drastically out-to-in. (For what it’s worth, my previous instructor built my “former” swing on a template of Rahm and JT.)
  3. I followed your advice, @iacas, and took a lesson with a different instructor. He pointed out how much steeper my downswing was than my backswing, and how much lateral motion I exhibited. He attributed this to an overextended back that twisted, rather than turned, through the swing. This all made sense to me, but I am skeptical of his proposed solution: to keep my body weight over my legs by standing closer to the ball, arching my thoracic spine (instead of maintaining a flat spine as I had been previously taught), and having what feels like an extremely flat swing plane. I did nothing bu
  4. Hi Erik, I do appreciate your help. I agree that my instructor has a tendency to overwhelm me with incomplete explanations, so I am reaching out to other professionals to see if one can provide me more actionable advice. I went to the range over my lunch break and took a few new videos. I tried to completely forget the alterations I’d made. I think I was fairly successful. Here are my best DTL and face-on swings: Apologies for the lighting and framing; this is the best I could do face-on. On rewatching these videos, the things I notice are the l
  5. Here’s a bad swing from the same range session, which I suspect is due to overactive hands: https://vimeo.com/510995338
  6. I've been Playing Golf for: 8 months (plus a few years as a preteen) My current handicap index or average score is: 40.6 My typical ball flight is: high launch The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: push/slice or fat strike Videos: Hi everyone, I took up golf during COVID for the first time as an adult. I’ve been working with an instructor, and have made significant progress. My most recent lesson was last Friday. Up to that point, my swing had gotten pretty consistent—correct posture and alignment; neutral grip; good weight transfer; and reasonab
  7. My instructor and I think we have figured this out. When I got the new irons, I tried to dial in the feel of the wrist hinge with the new shaft weight. In the process, I accidentally developed a small cup in my lead. If I consciously try to bow my wrist, I wind up keeping it planar, and that seems to have fixed the push.
  8. It was a soggy day here, and I was definitely taking more turf than usual. But I had a particularly interesting experience on a par 3 that I’d like to turn into actionable information. I was playing my 6 iron off a tee driven down to ground height. The ball went maybe 50 yards. I think it’s pretty clear I hit the ground before the turf with the extreme heel of the club. What might cause that, and how do I fix it? For reference, the swing thought I tried to keep in mind the entire day was trying to maintain my trail shoulder low through impact. The reason being that I re-watched a few
  9. Interesting thought. New irons are half a degree more upright, club for club.
  10. Interesting. How did you adjust? Aim farther left, or change your swing?
  11. I’ve taken a few practice swings, aborted at impact, and it seems like I need to significantly increase the grip strength of my top hand to ensure square impact.
  12. Maybe, though the set I was playing previously (Hot Launch 2) didn’t have nearly the offset of modern SGI sets like the Ping G410s I looked at in my fitter’s shop.
  13. I recently upgraded from regular-flex super game improvement irons to Z 585s with stiff-flex Modus3 Tour130 shafts. As a result I am consistently hitting the ball 10-30 yards to right of my target. My guess is that I’m failing to close the clubface at impact, and that either the shaft weight or flex is exacerbating whatever swing fault is responsible for that. So what should I be focusing on to fix that? I already know that I unload my wrists too early, but would that in and of itself be the cause of an open clubface? (I’ve been working with a local pro for a while and he has massive
  14. I’ve realized that the 3W doesn’t have an adjustable hosel so I’ll need to go the epoxy route rather than just swapping in a suitably-tipped shaft. With that in mind, I’m gonna hit up a local clubmaker who’s got stellar reviews. If he doesn’t have a fitting cart, I’ll probably try to find a discounted Tensei CK Blue 70. Dick’s hasn’t discounted theirs since the AV was released but hopefully other retailers have. Considering I got this thing for $99 used it might just wind up being cheaper to buy another used club…
  15. To be a little more concrete, I’ve seen a few places online recommend using a fairway shaft that’s about 10g heavier than the driver’s shafts to produce a similar swing weight. So how dumb would I be to buy a 70–75g shaft tipped for a Callaway head?
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