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  1. There are quite a few 9 hole courses up here in mass and I see women out there a lot. As long as women are keeping up with the place of play I dont mind them at all but when they don't it can be awful. I've had mostly good experinces being behind a group with women; they normally go up to their ball and just hit without taking too much time eventhough it only goes 50-100 yds, keeps things going.
  2. http://tinyurl.com/yadsxad vs http://tinyurl.com/md6628 if it were the 70's i would be playing a 2iron.
  3. I've seen them at golfers warehouse for that price recently, so decent enough.
  4. maybe get some impact tape to see exactly where you are hitting the ball and where the bottom is hitting also? I took my clubs to golfers warehouse one day and they put a couple pieces of tape on the bottom to see where i was impacting to see if it was something with the club.
  5. next time try a low 3/4 iron punch, it should rocket much faster by his head.
  6. You should be fine, if you can't hit your driver straight then keep it in the bag, find a club you can consistently hit the fairway with. It's more important to be 180-200 yds in the fairway than 260 into the woods.
  7. I would say yes, it has a nice flight with the stiff shaft and it's relatively easy to hit. I have the 4dx evolver (as you can see in the sig) so i cant vouch for the regular 4dx which I believe is the same price. The ball flight is nice, I don't feel it goes too high which is a problem I have with most of my clubs, so far every time I've gone to the range to hit it after warming up with my irons I hit it quite well. I used to have a problem of slicing balls well right but so far with the evolver I don't have that issue; as long as I put a solid swing on it it has a hard time not going straigh
  8. I'll normally go for a quick bike ride or some exercise to clear my mind, it works surprisingly well and wakes me up. push-ups are good if you don't feel like going anywhere though.
  9. I got mine at rockbottom, quite pleased even though it is on sale for $20 cheaper this week :) always a good experience when i've bought from there.
  10. I was more bothered that he felt it necessary to just out of the blue talk about how much his clubs were to the kid next to me. The kids look was priceless he gave a quick wtf look and shook his head once the guy started hitting again. I don't mind people talking about a good deal on something, but I'm sure the kid who got the comment directed his way was less than thrilled about how expensive the fellows driver was. I dont mind that he spent that much, his money :) but why do you have to blurt it out when your hitting drives and cant really hit the low irons (i watched it was sad)
  11. So yesterday I go over to east coast golf to hit a bucket of balls. I'm doing my warm-ups when I hear the guy next to me bragging about how great he hits his driver to the kid next to me. After he does that he can't help but mention how he paid $500 for it yet it had the wrong shaft so he had to spend another $150 to fix that. Am I alone in thinking he is an idiot, I mean I could hit my $79 nickent just as long and straight as he was hitting his driver (it had a taylor made headcover but who knows wtf it was). I just hope I don't get paired up with him during a round ever, I cant help but imag
  12. congrats, now that you've done it once it should get easier and easier to get below 100, great job.
  13. I didn't meant to bash Miami so bad although it seems i did, I should say mostly downtown is what I was hating. There are some great places down there I just wouldn't call downtown one of them. I think ft lauderdale is pretty nice though, I did a party one of the large canals down there and it was quite nice i think its along the river walk or something like that. If you can afford it the beach has some real nice areas and I never had a problem with someone trying to hustle me fake jewelry for money as I did walking from my parking garage on 3rd street to the condo across the street when i liv
  14. i wouldn't mess with a lob wedge if you are just starting, your sand wedge will be sufficent for all the shots you need to make around the green at your current ability. A lob wedge can complicate things and its tricky to hit if you dont have good feel.
  15. I'm from mass and moved down to Miami for school. I ended up living in Miami Beach for a year then downtown for a couple of months. I would stay away from these areas if you are looking to move to South Florida. The beach traffic is horrible and downtown is well slum like apart from the nice condos. I would recommend looking up north a bit in boca/delray or even west palm. Weston is a nice area but its a bit pricey for what your getting. There are tons of golf courses around boca. If you don't like the outdoors you are going to be miserable, its the same thing every day 80, humid, sunny early
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