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  1. Well theres a perfect illustration of your pedantic, authoritarian "must have the last word" childish nature...
  2. No thanx...Im done... I have three sons...I taught them all to play golf... They are all off single figures... Ive got better things to do than argue with people... Life is too short...
  3. Havent you got that wrong... The whole purpose of commencing this thread was to simply point out that when I played along time ago (Im 73) we all played one ball. No-one did anything else. I was simply trying to courteously suggest that if anyone plays one ball it might create a bit of variety by playing MORE than one ball. Ive tried to be courteous and I get shitcanned..... Im a new member...Im seriously considering not posting any more after the pedantic welcome Ive received... Even the title to the thread was changed... How childish and authoritarian
  4. Laughable...youre the one that changed the title of the thread...
  5. I think youre being pedantic. I wasnt "telling anyone how to enjoy the game" I was simply making a suggestion.
  6. I dont play golf any more, but caddy regularly for my son. When I played back in the day it was normal for everyone to just play one balll, hole out and record our score. My son doesnt do this. He will go out and play nine holes, but if there is no-one behind him, he will drop down, say six balls just off the fairway and play all six down the fairway or into the green. He repairs his divots courteously. Doesnt even putt out... Watching him play, I was thinking I could not just play one ball if I was playing these days. Maybe in a saturday afternoon comp, or m
  7. My son actually looks at a spot about an inch in front of the ball at address. His line of line is determined by a blade of grass about two feet in front of the ball towards his target. He originally stared at various points on the ball and experimented some time ago by moving his attention to one inch in front of the ball.
  8. Going out on a tangent here rather than start another thread... Whats the general opinion about focusing on a spot about half a ball in front of the ball at address, rather than the ball...this seems to work brilliantly for my son...perhaps not something for everyone... (irons only)...the strike is so pure....
  9. Hi guys... Well after a bit of tweaking, he's hitting the driver beautifully... The final adjustment was to go to a double overlap grip... Results, together with the flaring are wonderful.... Cheers to all....
  10. Hi guys... Thanx for the replies... Played yesterday and experimented with varying degrees of flare for left and right foot...Definite improvement in ball striking and turning and pretty much eliminated the block. Will continue the tweaking...thanx again...
  11. Im trying to help my son with his golf game. He hits his irons beautifully, but continually blocks his driver. I have noticed he does not flare his left foot. His ball position is correct. Ive checked everything else. Would flaring his left foot help him get rid of that blocked drive. He generally hits it about 300 yds. Thanx for any replies...
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