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  1. Oh, yeah, it sounds like a neat idea. Wouldn't work for us, though. Our cats have never had collars on them. When we added a new cat we tried to put a calming collar like he had on our existing cats and they were having none of it. Even the new cat, once the existing calming collar had expired, would not tolerate a new one.
  2. My first thought was "Don't see a use for those." Then, watching the videos, I thought "Hmmm... Might be handy on a keychain." (In fact I've a set of keys for the mower and the shed I keep misplacing.) Then the first video mentioned tagging luggage. Then I found out how nearly every iPhone on the planet would become part of the "find my AirTag network." Ok, I don't know how useful that'll end up, in practice, but it is pretty darn cool :) Golf related: I think I've seen 2-3 posts here or on another golf forum where golfers have lost their range finders. Either left them stuck to car
  3. I've thought about cancelling my gym membership and finishing-up my own home gym. (I already have several items.) But there's no way I could come even close to replicating what my gym offers in equipment. Especially that $8,000 Keiser Functional Trainer they have Plus, being retired, I don't get as much social interaction as I used to. I've made friends at my gym and even got signed up as a substitute for a golf league one member runs. That being said: If another strain of the Wu Flu, or something like it, shuts them down again, then I'll probably build my own and call the gym qu
  4. I've been wondering about that app, so thanks for the info! I currently have the Precision Pro app installed, but I haven't tried it, yet. It is not supported on the Apple Watch, so I suspect it's a non-starter. I don't mind carrying my phone in my pocket, but I don't want to be hauling it out at every swing.
  5. Well, if it is, it didn't do him any favors yesterday, by all I saw reported
  6. I can't speak to the back-swing, because I'm still working on that, myself. But the hip pivot thing I can. After reading on another forum a couple extensive threads about the biomechanics of a good swing, and related articles: The penny finally dropped. This happened post-season. Then we had a nice day in January where I could throw the mat out back and give it a try. Holy smokes! I hit about three dozen balls out into the woods. Instead of my normal fade or slice, I was now getting a lot of very straight hits. My misses were draws or hooks. I think I had only two I hit thin and a
  7. Sounds like a good start, @CarlSpackler 👍 What's going on with your knee? My right knee went all cattywampus on me a month ago. Took two weeks for it to recover enough for me to resume my workouts and my golf swing training. It's still not 100%. Re: Your son. Maybe it's more than just golf? Maybe he wants to spend time with dad, too? 🙂
  8. Just one: The good ol' US of A. I mainly wanted to comment on how pleased I was to see the question framed with proper syntax
  9. Not necessarily. Mainly what SPS is, is just what it says: Swinging on a single plane. Doesn't speak to the depth of the back-swing or how much follow-through. That's not the intent, but it's often the result. Then you're something of an exception to the rule. Most people lose distance moving from traditional to single-plane swing. I certainly did. I did improve accuracy. My slices and fades became almost a thing of the past. I more-consistently found the bottom of my swing, so less chunked and topped shots. But my distance definitely took a hit, and I couldn't get it b
  10. I only had it happen the one time, the first time I tried to open this thread, the other day, when I first reported it myself.
  11. IANAP (I Am Not A Psychotherapist [or Psychologist]), but that doesn't sound particularly healthy 🙁
  12. Just happened to me the first time I clicked on the entry under Activity -> New Content.
  13. If you injured your knee at some point, and the golf swing or walking is likely to aggravate that injury, then I suppose that could be (part of?) the problem. Thing is: How would you know until you tried? If that was my concern I'd hit the range, start out real gentle like, half swings without much behind them, and slowly ramp up. If I really loved golf, and I currently do, I wouldn't let "what might be" stop me. As for the courses you play normally being closed: That might be a bigger deal for me, personally. I don't like change. Or at least I don't like change I'm not driving
  14. That was my understanding. A straight draw/hook I understand goes "inside" (left for righties, right for lefties) straight off the face of the club. (Due to closed face?) The other kind of draw/hook, where the ball gradually (FSVO "gradually") turns in, is caused by an in-to-out club path imparting spin. Would that be a "push" or a "pull," and what's the third type?
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