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  1. Yup. I don't putt more than 2-3 times w/o standing up and taking a few steps.
  2. Word. That swing for the 370 yard drive on #6 was awe-inspiring 🤯
  3. And there I was thinkin' he might be my #2 to root for
  4. I'm not so sure that isn't the way that piece of equipment isn't made. But I will admit I find it unlikely anybody with that guy's upper body could have legs that emaciated.
  5. Looks like the OP's already made his decision, but still I'll put in a good word for the Bridgestone Tour B stand bag. There are both 5- and 14-way versions. I have the 14-way version. I haven't used it, much, yet, but so far I've no complaints. Stand seems substantial and the mechanism has so far worked flawlessly. Additionally: It has a Velcro strap you can fasten across the bottoms of the legs to prevent them from being deployed inadvertently, which I feel is a nice touch. If there was one thing I wish they done it would've been to attach the carry harness with clips, so it could
  6. I read he ran into a performance issue with his new driver and reverted to the driver he'd been using beforehand. So perhaps he's playing his drives a bit more cautiously?
  7. Perhaps you're not training properly? Are you working your core? Your legs? Are you doing full range of motion in your strength training? (Being careful not to hyper-extend or lock joints, of course.) Do you do some explosive reps at lower weights? Are you doing stretches, too? Indeed. More guys than not, at the last two gyms to which I've belonged, hardly do leg workouts--if at all, and only bother with core workouts to get those six packs. And you're right about the "explosive" part, too. There are both fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fiber types. For something like
  8. That sounds more like the eBay with which I've had experience. Yeah... you did it the hard way. All you had to do was initiate a return and, for the reason, check the box that indicated the item was not as described. Then, if the seller balked, open a ticket with eBay, use the magic phrase "Significantly Not As Described," and explain in what way(s) it was SNAD. I've had to do that twice, because sellers balked at taking something back, and both times it was handled painlessly. Sorry I did not see this thread originally. Looks like I maybe could have saved you some angst.
  9. I've dumped all social media. There's too much everything on all of it.
  10. This seems backwards to me. IME the phone has much more capacity than the watch. My Apple Watch SE doesn't have GPS, but I don't think I'd use it in this application even if it did. My iPhone SE runs day in, day out, with GPS and Bluetooth enabled full-time. I don't ever do it, but I could get three days on a charge. My watch maybe two days--if there's not a lot of screen time. Plus my phone is easily topped-off in the car. The watch: Not so much. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Who knows? I use my devices pretty consistently from day-to-day, and the battery charge at the end of each day is pret
  11. Perhaps. Once upon a time I did statistical process control for a living. In stats there are Rules for what constitutes a valid data set. Everything else is a SWAG ;) I suppose that's true--at least for new golfers and high-handicappers. I know it would be true for me. (Which is why I'll get fit for new irons.) I would expect a competent fitter to know if I needed some kind of blended set.
  12. Exactly. Which is why, while I'm as much a gear ho as anybody, and more so than many, I'm concentrating more on getting my swing right than what manufacturers, reviewers, and other players tell me this or that club can do for my game. I expect GI clubs to help me, not fix me :) That being said: A prior comment by @iacas nails this guy's tests for me: Too little data. You cannot have one golfer, swinging one blade and one SGI iron, for a couple dozen swings each, establish a meaningful data set for analysis. E.g.: Callaway, when they were developing the Big Bertha B21 line, had hun
  13. Silly n00bie question, perhaps, but why not just open the face of the hybrids a bit at setup?
  14. Thanks for the report back, @StuM! Glad to hear the fitting went well for you. Please report back on how it translates to performance on the green? (When we eventually have greens again 😆)
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