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  1. Is the face close to being square to the intended line 2 inches before impact? Does a more vertical angled plane allow the face to remain “squarer”? Is deChambeau’s clubface square to the line after impact? just provoking
  2. The point is if you understand the concept and YOU can put it into practice, his theory works...not for everyone but it can produce consistent straight shots for those who can manage the move.
  3. Some years have passed but I just got the Dalton VHS tapes and after review...I understand what he is saying and it does work with a little practice. The length of time the clubface remains square to the target reminds me of Moe Norman's clubhead path....just say'in "
  4. I would love to see a review of this lie-balanced putter
  5. If you want to use a standard grip...or blow off the stock one...just tape a nylon cable (cut the end off) tie to the bottom side of the shaft and slide the grip on...have used this method for years
  6. I have been so impressed with this putter...it has taken me from being a bad, not confident putter into a good putter. Life member of the PGA of Canada...no need for any profit...I just think this is the best putter ever. Grip it lightly, aim and let it swing itself! I have had many many putters over the last 15 years...all the names...counter balanced etc... Not even close to this one
  7. Arnie was my guy when I was young...Payne is there too and Homero Blancas who has been mentioned many times by fellow professionals who have hosted PGA Tour events and Champions Tour events....a class guy
  8. Have played most that have been mentioned...we loved Craill and Brora as the hidden gems of local golf. Royal Dornoch with Kingsbarns and Castle Stuart were great and we played The Old Course with a friend who is a member and toured the clubhouse ...saw the Claret Jug and the belt that was played for before the Jug...fantastic!
  9. Sorry for the delay...but approximately $4000 pp including airfare, hotels, breakfasts, golf and a couple of local tours
  10. I have one and it is one of the best if not the best putting aids on the market. It adjusts to every putter so easily and proves that where you think you. Are aiming is not always the case. I inadvertently lost the screw that tightens the clamp and after an email that was answered within hours...a replacement was sent to me at no charge and I had it two days later....fantastic service!
  11. We just returned from Bali where we spent 14days playing 7rounds of golf. Courses we played were New Kuta, Nirwana and Bali National. Nirwana was our second choice...just purchased By Donald Trump who will be redoing the Greg Norman design...our most enjoyable was Bali National. Great conditions and when packaged, the pricing was very reasonable. Female caddies were a delight and the beer was cheap!?
  12. Now they feature "THE GOLFER" who killed Bin Ladin....what a great "golf" article
  13. The Impact Snap Device is great for maintaining a flat left wrist...look on Youtube
  14. The point of the whole thread was about topics that Golf Digest is covering and in my opinion, they shouldn't be featuring one on how to cheat.
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