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  1. My mother is fit and well. She is definitely not grumpy, I believe its an older man thing.
  2. He doesn't show any pleasure, he's grumpy. You wouldn't know he was enjoying your bad shots, but he is.
  3. Don't get him started. Between self checks for testicular cancer and being willed to probe his prostate, he's had enough. These days an invisible nanny is saying, "No carbohydrates, no salt, no alcohol, no tobacco, no sugar, oh yeah and don't eat meat to save the planet. And don't go out on a bicycle without wearing one of those stupid helmets. Yes, he wears a mask but I see him pretending to wash his hands with those cleansing devices at the entrance to every store.
  4. As I said before, why do men get grumpier with age. My dad only smiles or laughs at unhappy things. He absolutely loves when he passes a broken down car on the motorway. Or the family down the road has had their house repossessed, that makes his day. Since the onset of Corona restrictions he says things like, "Mark my words, we'll be phoning the bastards for permission to have a shit next." He totally refuses to visit the doctors saying, "All they want to do is fiddle with my balls and stick a finger up my arse." He absolutely hates Christmas, birthdays, weddings, holidays,
  5. Italian Sports Drink? Espresso Martini? Help, I'm not understanding this one.
  6. I disagree. I am not saying that lower handicappers are saints but most of them have earned their stripes. Ask @HoganApexFanwho was a marine for over 20 years, he'll back me up. There are also high handicappers who know their place when they are playing out of their league. I appreciate a little cap doffing but, in these cases, I would rather avoid such adulation. I quit a game once in my life and regretted it afterwards. It was on a visit to Scotland a few years ago in November. It was freezing cold, pouring and the wind was blowing the heavy rain at an angle closer to horizonta
  7. I know him. He plays in Germany now. He's a total moron. I always tell him that I am playing a practise round and not keeping score today. Of course at the next he'll ask again. When I tell him to mind his own business and stick his pencil up his ass, he'll not ask me for at least a couple of holes.
  8. Do people actually play golf drunk? The assholes (Arschlöcher) I am talking about in this thread are at least sober. I have never had the pleasure of playing with a drunk, thank the Lord. I have come across them but usually have no problem improving their memory on such holes.
  9. Thank you, I have my moments.
  10. Sounds like a complete cutie. I am sure you made the correct decision to walk.
  11. I'll bring my dad thanks. I play very competitively with my buddies and, maybe its me, there are very few tournaments that come close to this rivalry or enjoyment. Ideally I would play with this same group in every home tournament. I must add that I do love my league games at home or away but they are mainly matchplay.
  12. As many of you have probably guessed from this thread, I don't suffer idiots gladly. I am of the opinion that its nice to be nice. I will nicely refuse to play with someone (they know who they are) and if you think that's rude, I'm sorry. If a guy asks me out on a date and I politely refuse, am I being rude? "Thanks, I'm honoured, but no." It only gets tricky when the golfer or guy asks, "Why not?" Really! There's no nice answer to that rebuttal. I feel like saying, "I'd rather pull a tooth" but always give a friendlier reply, "Can we please leave it at that.
  13. @HoganApexFan They're called Balls. Funny, go FAKE!!! yourself. I have never played this game for more than 3 hours. Yes, just a few holes.
  14. Index 18, not bad, what did the others in your team have?
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