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  1. I've been rumbled! I'm sure long before now.
  2. Sorry @DaveP043, I love the topic and was reacting to the "All input welcome - don't be shy" That about sums me up. Anyway, the thread got a little hotter when I jumped in with my shit. I'm sure I don't need to open a new thread. My adversaries have conceded to my logic.
  3. It makes no sense to you because you firmly believe that knowing the exact yardage gives you an advantage over a prehistoric like me who manages just fine without this technology. I rarely select the wrong club and, I repeat, don't feel at a disadvantage playing golfers who have the exact numbers. With a solid strike I am rarely wrong. What are you failing to understand? When I am visiting an unfamiliar course I'm usually a bit off and when a playing partner tells me the exact distance it doesn't make much difference because an unusual terrain needs time to become familiar to my sens
  4. Thank you @Lane Holt I am a right handed golfer and I swing with right hand dominance. I would love you to simplify what you were saying. I'm sorry but most of it was way over my head. I recently learned how to reverse into a WIDE parking position.
  5. But I don't rely on actual, correct yardage. I'm just saying I personally don't think it gives an advantage. There may be some golfers who get the exact numbers from their device, add conditions and elevation, and hit their selected club solidly. However, It has not been my experience. I would be first in the queue for one of them if I had witnessed/experienced that. You could be right. Don't forget most of our members carry and use a range finder. I am just saying, IMO, that I don't feel any disadvantage playing against the best of them.
  6. Thank you. Now we're talking. That's all you had to say. "Fix my backswing, get it on video and post it when I do."
  7. Back on topic... I mentioned my right elbow at the beginning and stated clearly that I was still working on it. I only suggested that I felt my problem lay in the transition or downswing.
  8. I can see how players could get accustomed to using them. I have never relied on them and am rarely surprised by their output when someone in my flight tells me, unrequested, how far I have to the pin. I don't pace out, I look at the markers and add or subtract a club or whatever. It works for me. I do agree however that a course with elevation changes makes it trickier but does knowing the exact distance and elevation give you an advantage over a golfer who does it my way. I'm not convinced. Let me say however that I do believe once you rely on them then you would struggle without.
  9. I certainly didn't say his answer was incorrect. I agreed that my elbow was a work in progress and only sought a tip regarding down swing conditions. I'm sure I was pretty clear on this.
  10. The problem isn't knowing the yardage. Anyone can work that out close enough without a rangefinder. There's wind, bounce, and other conditions that come into play but solid striking is without doubt the most import. Don't be telling me a rangefinder works that out too. .
  11. No, I acknowledged his reply and only pushed him for perhaps a little more. I did realise that he was finished with me when he said I should ask my all-knowing dad.
  12. I think the range finder we were born with is the best value and can be trusted. I've never come across a golfer who has an advantage over me using one of those contraptions. Fair play to the marketers however, plenty of golfers use them these days. Never had one, never want to have one.
  13. I'm happy to receive any advice and "The problem is your right elbow" is a throw away piece of free advice, but is it really helpful? Something more constructive like, "Take a look at this Pat Perez video where he explains how he solved the same problem after steepening his swing. Or another video where Rick Fowler got really flat on the downswing or go to page 48 of the 'Little Red Book' where Harvey Keitel describes this common fault in detail." Now that would be helpful.
  14. Thanks! Truth is my Mum's well rid of him. Her life was hell. He hated Xmas, birthdays, you, morning people, mornings and people.
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