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  1. I'll bring my dad thanks. I play very competitively with my buddies and, maybe its me, there are very few tournaments that come close to this rivalry or enjoyment. Ideally I would play with this same group in every home tournament. I must add that I do love my league games at home or away but they are mainly matchplay.
  2. As many of you have probably guessed from this thread, I don't suffer idiots gladly. I am of the opinion that its nice to be nice. I will nicely refuse to play with someone (they know who they are) and if you think that's rude, I'm sorry. If a guy asks me out on a date and I politely refuse, am I being rude? "Thanks, I'm honoured, but no." It only gets tricky when the golfer or guy asks, "Why not?" Really! There's no nice answer to that rebuttal. I feel like saying, "I'd rather pull a tooth" but always give a friendlier reply, "Can we please leave it at that.
  3. @HoganApexFan They're called Balls. Funny, go FAKE!!! yourself. I have never played this game for more than 3 hours. Yes, just a few holes.
  4. Index 18, not bad, what did the others in your team have?
  5. Yeah, but not at the birdie putt which was the theme. Stop confusing my little brain. Exactly but the real challenge is playing it competitively. Was that 3 over net or gross? You are talking about ladies tees so I would imagine its gross. I would imagine that from red it would be much easier. Point taken but its great fun!
  6. Shit, I have just worked out why its 4, now you are saying its 5. I'm going to bed, good night.
  7. Bit of cheating going on during that scramble. Surely you would only have 3. Still think you are a nice guy. Math is not your strong point. Shit, your original putt plus the 3 you carried. I am going to bed. Too tired now. Sorry
  8. Doesn't happen. The opposing team is normally very strict about all the rules. Theeir eagerness for your failure makes it impossible to cheat. Think about it, three guys from the other team, that want you to fail, watching your every move.There is definitely a laxer attitude in normal scrambles.
  9. In mainland Europe we have an EDS round (Extra Day Score). We have to pay a small fee to the club for registering these scores and we must play with at least another player. Apart from this our handicap can only be changed in tournaments. I suppose this would be our solo rounds but they must be announced to the club in advance.
  10. How can you not love reverse scrambles? Your best shots of the day don't count, and if you're going last and everyone has already nailed it, then you can let them all down with this nerve-wracking shot. Heaps of pressure. Character building. There's no comparison.
  11. Still a fun game though! Its totally different from the boring scramble with all those whoops and high fives, You don't get many of them in the reverse format. Mainly sighs of relief once a hole has been completed. Sometimes the team is so mentally exhausted they are petrified beyond belief. Great fun!
  12. Yes, that's why I like the 2 player teams being kicked about here or even going out with a partner and playing 2 balls each on every shot, playing the worst ball each time. As I said its very difficult to organise one flight, a tournament would be impossible. I don't think I would be very popular with the clock watchers. Putting is mental in this format.
  13. Easy your opponents! Although its normally obvious. For example... Plugged lie in the bunker or behind the same bunker in thick rough. Who cares someone is going to wreck one of them.
  14. I think I could write at least 10 books using just your posts. Is that allowed? Once again... I know you love my 'Reverse Scramble' really. I'm telling no-one!
  15. I know I'm not selling you here @Chief but that's where the surprise element kicks in. You're probably not going to find yourself in some of the amusing/unexpected places with your own game. I'm also pretty sure you could improve a student's game plan with this format. LSW
  16. And you were such a gentleman refraining from correcting me.
  17. I've been spelling my favourite whisky wrong for all these years. I am ashamed. At least I've been saying it correctly. Please forgive me. Its nice to be brought down to earth. I'm glad I refrained from correcting everyone's proper spelling. I really thought, "Why are these stupid people leaving out the 'h' at the end? Who's the dummy! @Double Mocha Man Lecker!
  18. I not so familiar with The Balvenie or Highland Park although I have certainly sampled them. Either they weren't my bag or somehow I've missed a trick. But, 'The Dalmore'... A great whisky for the in-betweener. I would start a newbie on Glenmorangie or Singleton of Dufftown and then introduce more bodied Highlands like The Dalmore and then throw in real men's whiskies from the Islands. @SEMI_Duffer you can do it!
  19. Tiger, you've done enough! Thank you for all the wonderful memories. You did it your way.
  20. I had to look up the word 'cathartic'. I would love to achieve catharsis (get me) but once I wake up, I can't get back in to change things. The same dream re-occurs. Maybe its like 'Groundhog Day' and I will eventually create the perfect dream. Whatever rocks your boat! Thanks but I'll pass on that particular tune. I bet the next time I have this nightmare this f***in' song will be in the background. I will never sleep properly again. Thank you. NOT! I've never tried to alter a dream. How do you access your subconscious? No matter what, I've got nothin' to lose.
  21. Yes thanks, next time I have that dream I'll chip it over the lengthy water hazard. Any other words of wisdom Mr. Nice.
  22. I read an article recently on the production of a Jack Daniels No. 7 They take a rather large amount of Scottish grain whiskey and get dogs to drink it. They wait for the dogs to relieve themselves and boom... Jack Daniels No. 7 I believe they use a similar method for American beers!
  23. Sorry to hear that. I understand through my dad how frustrating this can be. 🤞
  24. No 'unt' with a 'C'. For the Irish (my relatives on my dad's side) this can be a term of endearment. Example... Is @Vinsk (how do you all do that @ thing, is so cool) a doctor?
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