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  1. The only thing you gotta worry about with cutting clubs down is swing weight. As for stiffness of a shaft I have dabbled with all sizes in my irons and could never tell a diffence in flex. With my drivers I have all sized also, one at 45.5,44.5 and 43.5. With graphite you usually can tell that your shaft gets soft. So with my new driver that i cut to 43.5 i took 3/4 of the tip and the rest off the butt end and its perfect. Though when you cut the tip i would start with a weaker flex as cutting the tip will definetly make the shaft stiff) so now my regular flex shaft plays at a stiff flex from me cutting the tip of a Regular flex. but you should be fine with an inch of your driver and woods by just hacking it off the butt end and placing a little leadtape or tungsten powder to replace the SW or take it to the shop and have them hotmelt or install tips. For irons if you are taking of an inch i would probably cut 1/4 of the tip and 3/4 off the butt end to maintain the current flex. but its all dabbling. No one who i have talked to who are club builders can tell me any concrete information to figure out how the flexes will work. Its costly if it doesn't work but man is it fun to build clubs.
  2. I think people lay the staff bag on its side to fit in a push cart.
  3. To expand the subject even more I want the whole Golf channel to put out more quality shows and series. The paid programming during the day needs to go. More instructional shows like the golf fix. maybe like a Golf channel Crib' s series lol. Ultimatley i wanna know whats going on with the played on and off the course so there personality can shine. Along with reviews of what is coming out from companies. They have the right shows on right now i beleive but i just want more of it.
  4. about storing them. its cold out here in michigan and i keep them in the garage. Think that could be bad? should i bring them inside?
  5. Go Go Nike VR split cavities!!!! allow you to work the ball and gives you forgiveness. I would definitely go to a pro shop and see if you can hit some of those.
  6. Dont make the mistake of many by trying to coach her. Your relationship will suffer a lot if you do. Get some instructional DVDs on basics and maybe a lesson for her. And let her ASK YOU questions on what shes doing wrong. as for clubs when i looked at them for my wife there was no cheap ones around.
  7. My team is Dirty Bird Special
  8. Thats awesome that you have that relationship with her. I am a golf addict and have been for about a year. I sleep, eat, drink,shit golf. when i typically say something about golf to her i get told to shut the f*ck up about golf. So maybe she will change but probably not. Im walking next year instead of taking a cart to get my love handles gone. She is pregnant right now and im going to drag her to walk to when i play to work off the fat. haha maybe she will learn to appreciate it.
  9. yea stricker is letting me down i thought it was a sure thing.. maybe he will pull through i am glad that G-lover is playing well. Sean O'hair is playing solid. paul casey is kind of struggling =/ ive noticed both stewart cink and G-lover are playing Nike VR split cavities now. instead of the CCi's
  10. My first thought would see where your weight is at. make sure your weight is on your front leg. When your weight is on your back leg you tend to hit behind the ball and hit balls fat.
  11. shaank0

    Whats next?

    This year i am also taking it up seriously. I have a membership for this year and im eager to start playing. I swing the club and chip balls and putt to keep in practice. I would love to see how far i could go with the game. Its all i think about these days. I even have my 17 month old son with a club in his hands ha-ha. Ive known 2 professional athletes in my life so far. 1 of them who gave it up due to poor pay in the US ( soccer) but it made me think that if I put in the man hours he did i could of honestly been there with him. So it kind of makes this dream seem a little more obtainable... kind of... I think we can all agree Golf is like no other sport. It is the hardest out of all of them i believe. My only concern is time. full time dad and student with another child due in June. By then I will be applying to the nursing program at my college which seems unlikely that i will be getting in the first time around since i know 2 people who have been denied due to being full so if that happens my situation really doesn't change from now seeing i will probably take more classes until i get accepted to the program. I am lucky to have great mom and mother-in-laws that will watch my child for me during the day maybe a couple times a week to sneak out and play with my father or father in law. So if i don't get accepted and i can realistically shoot in the low 80's high 70's by winter of next year then i might just give it a real shot of getting on a plan to do some tournaments and such.
  12. Cough* Global Warming*Cough
  13. I usually swing the club in the house like a PW or my Leadbetter swing training aid. No incidents have ever came from it except for today. I murdered my bookshelf. I dont know how i didnt notice it was right there but it is now missing a big chunk out of it... needless to say the wife is not to happy. I know im not the only one whose done something like this share your stories!!!
  14. Thanks for all the input guys i really appreciate it.
  15. It really depends on many factors. Wrist height from floor. your posture at address. and if your fitter is really good he will look at the lag in the club to see what the club head is doing at impact im 5'6 with a 32" wrist height and not only did i cut down my club but i needed a -3 degree lie adjustment. i would say as long as the lie of the club is correct you could just choke down on ure clubs like AK does. but if your lie isnt correct you will do funky things with the ball when u make a solid stroke.
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