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  1. Sorry about that. I realized after the fact.
  2. It wouldn't let me print your shipping label. It's having a problem I think with Line1 DXB26350 and line 2 182-21 150th Avenue, Springfield Gardens
  3. I have the website up for purchasing now. Product is limited because of the way these are processed. I only stock once or twice a month, so keep checking back. http://theclubpin.com
  4. These are the only colors I have at this time. I have green, neon green, and gold, to still make yet. I can also mix, as in one handle one color, the other another. As I said before, I'm only capable of making so many. If interest is high, I'll have someone mass produce. My clip has lasted 2yrs so far. I don't abuse it. In other words, I just hang it on the bag clip included, and when finished with round, put it and bag clip away. Not sure of shipping, as I haven't had to ship any. Just making for friends and anyone I run into on courses that want one. Very light so I'm sure shipping wouldn't
  5. https://thesandtrap.com/b/accessories/the_club_caddy_an_interview_and_a_short_review The reason for this post is to see if there is still interest, and to see if there is potential to expand to a National or even International audience, in replacing the clip that was called "The Club Caddy" that held your clubs upright, when needing more than one club, around the green, on the green, approach shots or whatever, to keep the grips dry. I broke mine about 3yrs ago so I was determined to develop my own design, which is close to the original, with a wider and beefier stance for stability.
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