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  1. So my kid like to play this game “would you rather”. They ask silly questions like would you rather eat hair or dirt. Things like that. It made me think of the status of my current golf game. I played horrible overall but my putter was on fire and managed to get a respectable score. My question is would rather spray the ball all over the course but still manage a low round. Or have a great ball striking round and have horrible score because of poor putting. Of course this is all relative obviously but I personally would love to strike the ball well and still not score well because of po
  2. Ok so I went out today and played a few holes. Been videoing my swing and I’m seeing definite improvement. I’m not flipping anymore and I’m starting to take divots after the ball. On my good shots now I’m pulling in the ball left. Any ideas why that would be? I go to my pro for second lesson on Monday so I will get his input obviously. Just curious if anyone else has had this issue.
  3. I’m just trying to focus on impact position at this point. The less I have to think about the better.
  4. Oh definitely! I don’t trust myself at all when it comes to this game. I have been videoing my swing and will also take it to my pro next week.
  5. So I went out to play yesterday and it was not pretty but I do believe it is starting to make sense in my mind what I’m trying to do. I actually had about 10-15 decent shots in which the ball was compressed and a nice divot. I need to feel like I am laying a blanket over the or like a matador pulls the cape over the bulls head. So essentially dragging the club head behind my hands. The club will unhinge naturally with gravity. As long as my weight continues to shift forward and hips continue to turn the contact will be descending with a shallow angle of attack. It makes sense in my mind
  6. Thanks for the response. Just started back with lessons after a couple years off. Really having trouble with getting my hands ahead of the club at impact without completely feeling like a robot. I try to have swing thoughts that have nothing to do with the upper body. But don’t know how to do that and still get that correct impact position. I would love to get out of my own head and to a place where there are absolutely no swing thoughts. Oh well, guess I’ll just keep at it. Something will click eventually.
  7. Natty LA

    Wrist Hinge

    So I have always wondered how wrist hinge, or I should why wrist hinge was so important in the back swing. The more I think about it I really wonder if it’s important at all. Your wrist hinges in a radial/ulnar plane. But the ball is struck in a flexion/extension plane. All the power is from the body and maintaining as much width as possible. Does that make sense to anyone? If someone can explain to me why the hinging is needed I would appreciate it. It wound seem to me the swing could be much easier without that added rotational movement.
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