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  1. I enjoy the European Tour events that are played in Europe or the British Isles (is that reference still appropriate?). They are often played on less manicured courses than the PGA Tour events; courses more similar to what I play. So, I would rather watch the Euro Tour.
  2. I’m confused, if, as fredf suggested, the player was correctly proceeding under KVC that the original ball was in a penalty area, and drops a ball, outside of the penalty area, wouldn’t the dropped ball be lying two? If the ball was deemed lost, the player should return to the spot from the last play, drop, and, again, be lying two, correct?
  3. Wouldn’t the dropped ball, now in play, be lying two?
  4. I tried the i500s, couldn’t hit them well at all. Reshafted, still couldn’t hit them well. Sold them to a relatively newer golfer, he loves them. I doubt if you don’t like them now you’ll learn to like them. Sorry, but their resale value should be pretty good.
  5. Bethpage Black Kiawah Ocean Course
  6. I really do appreciate your thoughts on these situations. I do think that anytime a player has “ball in hand” the player should, at least, announce to fellow competitors why he/she has touched the ball (excluding obvious instances such as ball in penalty area). I don’t think it slows down play to ask fellow competitor, when iffy conditions exist, such as embedded ball when course is relatively dry, relief from cart path when nearest point puts ball into brush, etc. Again, during the casual weekend round, I would almost always yell over “do what you think is right” because we want to move pla
  7. I agree with you, in theory. However, I have had to “assist” numerous competitors take proper drops when taking relief from hazards and unplayable lies. As competitors, we have an obligation to protect the field. Obviously, I am referring to tournament play and not the casual weekend rounds. Also, isn’t this the other side of not being able to post solo played rounds for handicap? We can’t post because no one to verify. If we are responsible for our own rules knowledge, and following the rules, including correct score keeping, why not post solo round scores?
  8. I voted yes to the poll, not because I am generally offended by cursing, but because golf and golfers hold themselves above the athletic fray. Golfers are supposed to call penalties on themselves, be respectful of fellow competitors, etc. Professional golfers, like tennis players, expect the crowd to quiet down when playing and in doing so their verbal utterances are more often picked-up by microphones. In most other professional sports, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey the crowd noise during play can be overwhelming and drown out the competitors’ utterances, excited or otherw
  9. Even in amateur golf having a fellow competitor confirm that the ball is embedded would only take a couple of minutes. I do know that the rule was changed in latest set of revisions but I fail to see how this change improved the game or pace of play. We golfers often rely upon our fellow competitors to assist with rulings, such as where a ball crossed into a hazard.
  10. After Torrey Pines with Patrick Reed and Rory and the embedded ball issues does anyone else think that golfers should call in a fellow competitor to confirm that the ball is, in fact, embedded. Leave the ball as is, call over the fellow competitor to check if ball embedded, and then move the ball, if necessary to confirm (mark the ball’s position first) and, if appropriate, take relief. Only if there was a disagreement would a rules official be needed. It would only take a couple of minutes, it would help protect the field, and would avoid controversy.
  11. I don’t post solo rounds. I used to play a fair amount of solo “rounds” but, honestly, almost always ended up practicing muffed shots, usually around the greens. Often I would jump around the course and omit holes or play the holes out of order. I guess I should refer to them as practice rounds and not solo rounds. I believe that a score, whether for tournament or handicap, should be attested and that every score be submitted for handicap. I hate playing handicap events because it’s remarkable how often someone’s posted handicap does not match their game. Too many times I have seen 13 ha
  12. I think Southern Hills is a good choice. It looks like a very nice course and, likely, will not need a lot of extra prep before 2022 tournament. And May weather in Tulsa should be nice. The most likely dramatic end to a round of golf at Southern Hills was the shooting of Roger Wheeler in the parking lot! https://tulsaworld.com/mob-style-golf-course-murder-shocked-tulsa/article_ecc7d927-2a9d-5a4c-8a16-b20cf224e070.html
  13. The 2022 PGA should be moved. The country will be in full swing for the 2022 elections, likely to be highly contentious. Can you imagine the crowd at the tournament? Likely more a political crowd than a golf crowd. It could be difficult for the players and difficult to broadcast. And certainly a poor look for the game.
  14. hunterdog


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