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  1. Alright so me and 2 buddies are looking to go south for a week or so this winter. Were thinking Florida somewhere. We went to Myrtle last year in January and got extremely lucky because it was above 65 every day we were there, people said it was the first nice week in a while but we don't wanna take that chance again. Any suggestions on where to go in Florida? Thinking Orlando maybe a little farther south.
  2. After a few months without real golf because of snow I started the year off pretty well with a 37 on the front 9 and a 36 on the back for a solid 73. Hit everything fairly well except the driver putter was cold but irons were very solid. All in all im pleased with the start to the new year.
  3. Yeah same here I only care if it ina tournament. Im pretty sure pros carry more than the 14 club limit in practice rounds to see what club they will use more like either 3iron or the 3 hybrid depending on the course. So not a big deal.
  4. MBN.com is a good website to go to right now youll prolly find myrtle beach national west an southcreek under 40 if you play before 815 but its only if you book through their site. I suggest if you really like golf spending an extra 15 bucks or so and playing a nicer course its hard to find one for 40 down there. Good Luck.
  5. Well southern florida would prolly be the best choice but I traveled to myrtle beach on January 15-20 it was amazing everyday. Sun was shining was really never below 60 when we were golfing it actually broke 70 one time. It did rain on Sunday Night so we ended up at tupelo bay driving range which we did everynight anyway. Needless to say we got really lucky! Now I hate not getting to golf I want to go back till it warms up here.
  6. Tryouts that are only 5 holes whats the point of that? I think 9 holes is to short to see what everyone is capable of. My teams first match of the year after tryouts we maybe had 2 or 3 people who play 18 holes regularly and we had 2 solid scores in the low to mid 70s while everyone else struggled because they couldnt keep focus or just couldnt handle the walk. Dont worry about 5 holes if you dont make it just try and get into some junior events.
  7. Are most places in SC frozen right now if so that sucks for me im headed to myrtle this weekend to play a few rounds lol.
  8. I just recently got the titleist 909 and absolutly love it so far but i couldnt tell you the difference between it an the 585. I would also recomend the cobra when i hit it it felt very solid as well.
  9. Good luck that would be awesome to do that someday.
  10. There not overated i used to plat them but have now been playing the cg12s from clevland lately just like the feel more.
  11. Driver- B+ Long and consistant but an occasional straight block at bad tmes Irons- B Solid all year I work the ball well both ways just need to narrows down targets a bit Wedges- A- From 115 in its been pretty good quite a few round savers for par after a bad shot Short Game- B+ Consistant with all different shots around green Putter- B- Very streaky a times gets hot and cold Mental Game- B Calm most times but quite a few club throws this year lol Overall- B I got down to scratch this year at one point so i cant be upset. Cant wait for college golf.
  12. Same thing with me we have to travel 650 miles to get there and we want to play some of the most challenging courses down there. Heard the Moorland course at the legends was real good any opinions on that one or the other two.
  13. We ended up getting tee times at long bay and MBN West we are going to find a course to play sunday when we get down there. Really hope the weather cooperates for us cant be any worse than in ohio.
  14. And Advice on Myrtle Beach National Courses we were thinking of playing atleast on of them. And we already got a tee time at Long Bay.
  15. Me and a few buddies of mine are heading down Myrtle for about a week in the middle of January what are some of the better courses down there for the money.
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