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  1. Thank you sir. This and iacas's reply help me to do this right. -Mike
  2. Thank you for that........I never thought of trying this. So cool
  3. I have read a lot on the subject of cutting a putter shaft and then needing to add a couple grams of weight per swing point to get the balance back. My current putters are the Odyssey 2 ball white hot and the #5. Both Center shaft. New length to be 33". Specs on these are 355 gr heads, and Odyssey used the same head for 33,34, & 35 inch lengths. Question i am hoping to get some input on is should I add 12-20 grams into the shaft with the Tungsten powder, or leave them alone? thx Mike
  4. Ha.....I didn't know that about Hank's. Hank's is where a friend took me in '96 to learn how to hit a ball....A day later we played the 9 holes there and I was hopelessly hooked. Palm Lakes was so cool at that time because hardly anyone was playing there anymore and I could play 2 balls on each hole to practice even more. Too bad it closed. I've never played at Fig Garden. Good times ahead 🙂
  5. No pictures. I just get satisfaction out of doing my own work and not seeing the heads fly off at the range😁 I am neat and tidy with my work though. Now that you mention it though, I think i'll do a few shots and post here this weekend. Hank's, Airways and Riverside. Madera is a lot better now that some of the trees have grown over 4 ft😎
  6. Hi everyone, my name is Mike and i started playing the game 24 years ago at the age of 41. It's the most satisfying sport that I enjoy. Meeting new people has been the best part of the game for me. I am currently the area field superintendent for my company. We are in the finish end of home construction and I watch over the installations (flooring and quarts/granite countertops) and finalize the QC end of our work in the valley. My background for the last 40+ years has been Architectural Showcasing/Millwork. I am just coming back into the game after a 5 year layoff and am reall
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