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  1. Hi Adam, Great Video and l will be doing this tomorrow at the range..! Great to know that 4 degrees is going to be ok, looking forward to the video now...! Thanks again Brendan
  2. Its my own stupid fault, the seller clearly said it in the description, l just did not read it properly... However annoyed with myself, im looking forward to giving them a hit lol Never owned Mizuno clubs, told they are really good
  3. Oh really, fantastic...! been reading online that 2 degrees is max, but l wasnt sure if moving 4 ie 2 back to std, the 2 up would be ok but ty, makes me slightly less annoyed with myself
  4. Thanks, the clubs are just about to arrive aswel, feeling really angry with myself
  5. Hi guys, Ive went and bought a set of Mizuno JPX 921 Forged irons from eBay, prob is l never read the description fully, they are 2 degrees flat. Im 6ft, 36" wrist to floor and using Ping's guide that would make me 2 degrees up(green). My current irons are Titleist AP1 718 and the are more upright from std than the mizunos.... So l know l can have them bent, but do you think going from 2 flat to 2 up will be ok for the clubs...? Thanks Brendan
  6. Cheers Sammy, ach aye no bad mate, weathers a bit dreich but hey ho hahaha hows yer sen..?
  7. Ty Boogielicous, ATM l do not have a net, we are waiting to immigrate to the USA, would have been already done if it was not for Covid and Trump, otherwise l would have had sorted my garden... I did buy a Puttout home studio tho, so l should be sharper on the greens when March rolls around.. Brendan
  8. Hi again Woodzie, I appreciate that ty, l agree l do need to get some better camera angles(will get some tomorrow weather permitting). I will continue with the grip change as l am seeing on occasion a nice draw Brendan
  9. In my experience, new clubs are getting easier to hit due to the tech in them, the sweetspots are getting bigger aswel.... I had a R9 a few years back it was the R9 deep something or other, was a nightmare to hit when l bought, but l adapted and could bomb it by the end. Now i game a 2020 Cobra Speedzone and it was almost an instant success, a few tweeks of the hozel, moved a weight and boom. Ive just ordered a PXG Gen2 Driver to match my 3wood, l could not test it because of the lockdown, but like you, if l cant hit it, ill sell it The 2nh hand club market is strong right
  10. Sorry guys l never put any comments.... Im looking to have a more controllable draw flight. In my short irons l can control the fade however when you start pulling driver etc it can get messy... Got some lessons for Christmas and we have made a grip change which is feeling very uncomfortable, but seen some promise with the ball flight. Brendan
  11. I've been Playing Golf for: A good few years My current handicap index or average score is: Mid/High 80's My typical ball flight is: Strong, high, fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fade/slice Videos: [ /]
  12. Hi guys, Just a quick hello, running out of things to do during lockdown, cant play golf in the snow, so thought l could talk golf lol Speak soon Brendan
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