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  1. I finally broke 90 fir the first time yesterday! Shot an 89! I think that I finally figured out how to hit my driver! Being able to keep my drives in play is a complete game changer! Only 2 lost balls penalties, from bad drives. Thanks to LSW. I've landed 6 GIRs and 9 nGIRs! Made it all the way to 13, before I missed my first GIR/nGIR. Only had 1 7, thanks to a 3 putt. I hope to be a mid 80s players by the end of the summer!
  2. Just ordered the videos! Thank you for the code! Can’t wait to start watching.
  3. I should be receiving my Vice Pros today or tomorrow. The lime green was finally back in stock, so I got a 5 pack! I'm curious to see how green they are in person. The matte green Callaway Supersofts are my favorite colored ball to play, but they too marshmellowy for me, especially off the putter. I've tried Bridgestone's e12 soft in the matte green, but I wasn't a fan. MGS's golf ball snobbery has convinced me that I needed to play non matte, firmer, urethane balls. So I've tried various models, and I admit that it has improved my game some, but I refuse to pay premium prices. $30 is ab
  4. Any new codes for the videos? I bought the book for myself around Christmas. I absolutely loved it! It's improved my aiming and club selection dramatically. Shot a 45 yesterday with no 7s! 2 GIRs and 4 nGIRs, plus a 2 putt birdie! If I didn't hook my last 2 drives OB, I would've finished with a 42. My wife got me a range pass, so I'm looking forward to applying the drills from the book. I'm going to break 90 this season, I can feel it!
  5. I had similar problems with the Apple Watch. I have the series 3. I really loved using it with the Golfshot app. But my problem was with the watch gps and battery. 18 holes with the gps turned on the watch drains so much battery life. I would have to make sure I started the round with a full charge. I also didn't like that I would have to stand there for about 10 seconds after the screen comes on to wait for the gps to recalibrate before each shot. Another tidbit was that Apple Music would keep opening on the watch, even though I wasn't even playing any music, so I'd have to flip between apps
  6. I love the design of this bag. I really like the Woode 15. I love that it's made for push carts. Too bad that I just got my Ogio Alpha 6 months ago. I love the bad when riding, but not so much when pushing. The Hybrid would make a great range bag!
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