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  1. It sounds like the WHO came to the conclusion that the virus came from a bat.
  2. Lol. Took me a minute. I don’t watch the news.
  3. Any recommendations on courses around Cancun? Heading there next month. I know I want to play the wcg course but unsure outside of that.
  4. I’ve been doing Emergen-C the whole pandemic. Lots of vitamin c, zinc and vitamin d. Add it to a big glass of water every morning.
  5. It seems that athletes who came back from covid had a bump in their game.
  6. Based on the Pats season, I thought they only served estrogen at Gillette stadium.
  7. Good to hear. My parents got theirs yesterday. It seems like it really reduces stress to get that done. I’m young and healthy so I’m not chomping at the bit.
  8. Maybe 30 courses. WA, OR, Kauai, AZ, CA, Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. Bend Oregon and Sedona Arizona have some great golf.
  9. Recently played the Marina Vallarta Golf Club in Puerto Vallarta. It was just under 100 USD for club and 18 using the Golfnow hot deals. During the round I saw one other golfer and lots of crocodiles. Had lunch afterward and food was good. Grass was like a turf mat which made it easy to control the ball. Really friendly place and I recommend.
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