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  1. I have only broken 90 a few times, just once since last September. Finally had a breakthrough round this weekend. I followed a 105 at a tougher desert course (70.7/137) with an 83 at an easier course (67.9/112). This year I've been working on the Impact Zone five dynamics 1. The Flat Left Wrist at Impact 2. The Forward Swing Bottom 3. Loading the Club on the Backswing 4. Lagging the Load Through Impact 5. Swinging the Club Along a Straight Plane Line Through the Impact Zone I've really been struggling with lagging the club. I've stuck with it and am finally s
  2. YMMV. I used to suffer really badly. I wouldn't go anywhere without having a sciatica brace in my bag just in case. I'd left multi day ski trips and golf trips early do to extreme pain. A few things helped. Monthly visit to chiropractor (I understand this is not for everybody, took a while to find a chiropractor that didn't leave me feeling like I was in an accident). Improving my golf swing took pressure off my back. Biggest improvement came from hip socket flexibility. Finally went to a great PT for a knee issue. She had me do a variety of step ups and different body weight
  3. NotThatRobLowe


  4. I wasn't ready to commit to same length, but I liked the concept of minimizing the differences in length. I built a set of irons with 1/4" differences rather than 1/2" differences built off 8i as my preferred length. I went same length (36) for both PW (43) and AW(38). Built these on Apex 19s and steel Elevate ETS 85 stiff shafts. Lofts and Lies are standard, except the 4i is 1 degree stronger and 5i is 0.5 degree strong. I needed to Frankenstein weight in the hosel on the 4i and 5i to maintain D2 swing weight. Please don't start the argument that they will overdraw, etc. They fly the same as
  5. I have the new IM10 HZRDOUS in my 3w and had the shaft in my driver. Love it in the 3w, can't hit the similar shaft in the driver. Swapped it for a riptide shaft. Both are stiff flex, 3w slightly heavier.
  6. Try different shafts. Hook may indicate you "could" get better dispersion with a stiffer shaft.
  7. 92 at a fairly easy track called Toka Sticks here in sunny AZ. 4 over on 18. No penalties today though.
  8. I am also looking at shaft options for my current Apex 19 irons right now. Not happy with the stock graphite 60g in Apex 19, they just feel too light. I have some arthritis and have been in graphite for a decade now but this last set isn't a fit. I am looking more for accuracy and height to hold greens and feel that a bit more weight helps. I was able to go to local golf galaxy and hit a few different shafts (in the new apex dcb head). I was looking at the mitsubishi mmt debating between 85 and 95 weights and between regular and stiff flex. Before I left, to add to the comparison, I also tried
  9. 99 at Trilogy in Gilbert AZ. 8 over through 8 and then carded a quadruple bogey on 9. Overall just1 par, 13 bogeys, 1 double and 3 quads. A duff in the water, a pull hook OB, and a push OB. Need to keep the ball in play and the big numbers off the card. Need better mental focus and positivity to recover and scramble a bit better on those holes.
  10. Higher handicapper here, been working to rework my swing this last year. Recent focus has been on Impact Zone concepts. The last few weeks have been focused on flat lead wrist and forward divot. My focus was to get my hands out front at impact. I was struggling and tried to swing just looking at where I wanted my hands at impact and realized how badly I've been flipping the club. Made some improvements and will keep working. Went to the range this week to add focus on load and lag. It became immediately clear how badly I cast the club. The feeling of softer hands and increasing the load at tra
  11. I'll remember that. I was sure hydrated that day.
  12. Thanks. Been practicing chipping more than putting. Played a course today with a ton of water. Didn't eliminate penalties or reduce 3 putting today! Back to the range this week.
  13. Goals for 2021 1. Bring Index under 17 from current 21.9 (from 30.1 18 months ago) 2. Keep working on Impact Zone 5 Dynamics 3. Range 1-2 times per week. 4. Largely eliminate penalties. 5. Improve putting to largely eliminate three putts and increase one putts. 6. Smart choices and controlled tempo off the tee to improve FIR to >50% 7. Improve Iron play to improve GIR to > 40% 8. Improve up and in from < 30 yds to > 50% 9. Improve pars and bogeys from < 120 yds > 80%
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